Skatepark drama ends in court

Linley was handed a 12-month conditional discharge
Linley was handed a 12-month conditional discharge

Bridlington Skatepark, off Moorfield Road, was the scene of a confrontation between a dad and a 17-year-old youth who had been swearing in front of his young daughter, a court heard.

Dad Ryan Linley, 24, of Marshall Avenue in Bridlington, had initially warned the youth but was met with abuse, East Riding Magistrates’ Court heard.

Prosecuting, Andrew Vaughan said the youth had behaved in a “completely unacceptable way towards a number of people on the skatepark,” but specifically to Linley’s female companion and young daughter.

He said a confrontation took place in which Linley pushed his head against a fence three times. Defending, Nicola Markham said there was an ongoing problem at the skatepark.

She said: There was a group of youths misbehaving.

“They were aiming their ball at young children who were being knocked off their bikes.”

District Judge Frederick Rutherford noted that Linley initially spoke to the youth but was met with abuse.

Noting Linley’s criminal record for violence, he said: “Hopefully you have put your violence behind you.

“You would be the first to agree that in the past you would have spoken with your fists.”

Linley pleaded guilty to a charge of threatening behaviour and was handed a 12-month conditional discharge.

The venue is commonly known as Gasworx Skatepark in Bridlington.