Serial sex offender jailed

Desmond Turner
Desmond Turner

A CHILD rapist has been jailed for 10 years for carrying out sex attacks on two schoolgirls more than 25 years apart.

Desmond Turner, 73, a former Bridlington man, who gave an address of Skerne Road, Driffield, admitted a series of 17 sex offences against the girls which came to light last year after one of his victims told a boyfriend and friend at school.

Police then found a separate victim who he groomed, raped and bribed in Driffield, paying her £5 and telling her to stay silent and she was loved by no one except him.

At Hull Crown Court last Friday when Turner appeared for sentencing, Judge David Tremberg said Turner’s predilection towards children aged 13 and 15 had spanned 25 years.

Of his first victim, he said: “You subjected her to sexual degradation and raped her when she was 13. For that alone you could be sentenced to an extremely long time.”

“You took your second victim to a rural area near Driffield and sexually assaulted her. If it had not been for a passers-by, who knows how far it would have gone. From what I have read about you, in reports, you are still in denial, show little insight and no remorse.”

The offences were carried out whilst Turner, who was caring for a wife with Parkinson’s Disease, had lived in Bridlington, Driffield and Hull. He has also pleaded guilty to 13 counts of indecent assault between 1984 and 1990 on an underage girl, three counts of sexual activity with a child involving touching between 1986 and January 2010, and admitted stealing a pair of girl’s knickers.

Crown barrister Anil Murray said police found them under his pillow together with some naked children’s dolls when they raided his home.

Mr Murray said his victim last year told him not to touch her. “He tried to pull her trousers down, but she held them up. It stopped when some passers-by appeared. She was crying. He warned her not to tell. She texted her boyfriend who told her to tell the police.”

She told a friend at school the next day, the school were informed and called in the police.

Defence barrister Paul Genney said Turner was 73 and suffering the early stages of Alzheimers Disease, had no memory of the rape and had been reduced to living in a caravan away from his wife.

“He is someone who has never been to prison in his life,” said Mr Genney.

“He does not know what he is in for. He has Alzheimer’s. If that diagnosis continues, he will be beyond the stage of looking after himself when he is released. This really is the end.”

Jailing him for 10 years, Judge Tremberg also ordered he be put on the Sex Offenders register and given a Sexual offenders Prevention order banning him from working with children.

Speaking outside court the family of one of his victims said: “I never want to see him again. He can rot in hell. He can die in hell. If I was a man I would get myself locked up so I could kill him. He has ruined scores of peoples lives.”

She wept outside court after hearing the graphic accounts, and she said: “I didn’t know it was as bad as that. If I did I would have killed him. I didn’t know it was so severe. He has shown no remorse.”