School garden is vandalised

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VANDALS have attacked a Bridlington primary school, wrecking a garden planted by reception pupils.

Bay Primary School, on St Alban Road, was broken into at around 7pm on Wednesday, June 1 - during the school half term holidays.

Four vandals overturned furniture, and ripped up plants, flowers and herbs in the garden which has only this year been designed by the four and five-year-olds in the school’s reception class.

The damage was discovered by staff on the morning of Thursday, June 2.

Headteacher at Bay Primary School, Mrs Hobbs, said that although they had managed to salvage some of the items vandalised in the garden, it was a big blow to the children who had helped put it together.

She said: “We have managed to put some things back so there is still a garden there for the children to enjoy, but a lot of things have been lost.

“I cannot understand why anyone would want to come in to a school and do something like this, the only word for it is ‘mindless.’ It is beyond belief.

“It had been a new idea we had started this year and the reception pupils loved it, so obviously they were very disappointed and upset when they saw that a lot of their hard work had been ruined.”

Mrs Hobbs said that CCTV showed four youths breaking into the garden.

“There were two teenage boys, a young woman, who looked as though she may have been pregnant, and a very young girl.

“They were not part of the Bay Primary school community and I have no idea who they might have been, or for what reason they came into the school.

“I would urge anyone who might know anything about what happened, to either come into school or contact us, or get in touch with the police.”