Rugg told: ‘Leave and don’t return’

Gareth Rugg outside Hull Crown Court
Gareth Rugg outside Hull Crown Court

A PERSISTENT criminal who was ordered to leave Bridlington for 12 months lasted just 48-hours before he was arrested back in the town.

Hull Crown Court Recorder Rachim Singh, had told Gareth Rugg: “You are clearly a nuisance to the residents of Bridlington and have breached your ASBO on five occasions.

“This is the sixth. Catch the first train out of here and don’t come back.”

Rugg, who has 234 offences on 70 court appearances, was ordered to live at an address in Wales for 12 months on July 4 – but by July 6 he was back in Bridlington risking four months in prison.

Rugg, 31 of Great Meadow Road, appeared at Hull Crown Court again on Monday July 18 admitting an offence of breaching his four-month suspended prison sentence by not living at an address in Menai Bridge, Anglesey.

His barrister had told the court Rugg wanted to start a new life, which would be a benefit to the residents of Bridlington and to Rugg himself, saying he could use his fishing experience with a job he had lined up there

Crown barrister Claire Reed told the court Rugg had breached his Anti Social Behaviour Order on June 1 and a condition of the suspended prison sentence was to live in Wales.

She said he had been given 24 hours to comply by the judge. “He was seen by police on July 6 in Bridlington,” said Ms Reed.

“When he was questioned about being in Bridlington, he confirmed the address in Wales was no longer suitable for him.”

She said he had made an appointment to discuss the issue with the probation service and said he was seeking accommodation away from the Bridlington area.

Rugg told the latest hearing he was living with his brother in Bridlington.

He said: “I don’t want to be in Bridlington for long. I want to be out of Bridlington.”

Rugg said he was supposed to go out to sea on Friday, but explained the situation to the probation service, and they told him to catch a later boat.

He said he would try and meet the next fishing boat going out of Peterhead.

Judge Michael Mettyear told Rugg he was not going to sentence straight away for his breach of the suspended prison sentence.

He said: “I am going to adjourn sentence to the week of September 5.

“If you have got somewhere else to live by then that is fine. If you are still in Bridlington you are in trouble. You have got to make a real effort to move.”

Recorder Singh had told Rugg at his last appearance: “No matter what the courts do to you, you do not learn your lesson.

“I hope I am not passing a nuisance to Wales. Clearly they will not thank me for that.

“I am going to give you an opportunity to start a new life. Please grab that opportunity with both hands.

“Catch the first train out of here and don’t come back.”