River search for missing Damion

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Humberside Police are to carry out an underwater search of the River Calder in Wakefield in hunt for missing Bridlington man Damion Vernon.

Since the last confirmed sighting of him in Bridlington on Monday 8 December Humberside Police have grown increasingly concerned for Damion Vernon’s safety.

Detective Chief Inspector Matthew Baldwin says said: “We have now put out several appeals for information, but so far have drawn a blank. Our investigations have not found any sightings of Damion since he left his vehicle on Sycamore Street in Wakefield.

“We were hoping that our appeals would provide some information to us that would give us hope in finding him.

“We do not have any new specific intelligence to suggest that Damion has entered the River Calder but we are now having to look at the possibility that this may be the case. We are now in a situation where we must search the waterways surrounding the areas where Damion was last seen.

“A team of specialist divers will begin a search of the River Calder on Wednesday 14 January 2015.”

The Regional Underwater and Specialist Water Unit were formed in 2012 to service the needs of four forces; Humberside, West, South and North Yorkshire, a jointly financed initiative to supply the mutual need for a specialist unit.

The Unit is made up of a Sergeant plus nine officers. All highly trained in water searches of every type, from sewers, drains and shallow streams, to deep inland water, fast moving rivers and the sea.