Revealed: Details of tragic death

A bladed knuckleduster, a knife, a piece of wood and a hammer were brought to the scene
A bladed knuckleduster, a knife, a piece of wood and a hammer were brought to the scene

A violent heroin addict who took part in a street battle over drugs shouted: “Come on!” threatening to stab four men with a knife and a twin-bladed knuckleduster after her boyfriend was fatally stabbed with the knife.

Katie Rose, 30 screamed as she realised Graham White, 39, was bleeding to death in Sewerby Road, Bridlington, shouting: “Get up. What they done to him?” Rival Daniel Londesborough, 23, fled saying: “That’s how we Hull boys roll. Look at me.” His father Andrew Londesborough, 46, was hit in the face with wood and took his own life after reconstructive surgery.

What a judge described as a “chilling sound track of the disorder and orgy of violence” was played at Hull Crown Court on Friday (August 7) as the families of White, Rose and Londesborough sat in the public gallery.

Rose of Princess Street, Bridlington, pleaded guilty to manslaughter and violent disorder. Anthony White, 43, of Prickett Road, Bridlington, and Daniel Londesborough, 23, of Bridlington, pleaded guilty to violent disorder for their part in the pre-arranged fight on August 27 last year.

The court heard the incident escalated out of a drug debt Anthony White’s sister, Joanne Housecroft, owed Andrew Londesborough which the two rival families were determined to settle with violence. Crown barrister Richard Wright, QC, said police twice went to Housecroft’s Sewerby Road home at 2.08am and 2.49am after 999 calls to find the occupants in drink, complaining about the Londesboroughs. They were not fit, too drunk, to give statements. After the first call, Katie Rose and Graham White were spoken to by the police in the street on the way to his sister’s house carrying bags of alcohol. On the second occasion, there had been a report of a window being smashed. When police got there, Graham White was heard on the phone threatening Andrew Londesborough saying: “You are nothing” for threatening his family. Although police asked what the dispute was about, those in the house refused to co-operate.

“The two sides decided the dispute would be settled in a different way,” said Mr Wright. At 3.36am Katie Rose and Graham White were spotted in Church Walk, an alley off Sewerby Road, by CCTV waiting for the Londesboroughs to arrive in red Vauxhall Astra. Graham White recruited his brother Anthony White, who has 40 convictions and Katie Rose, who has 69 convictions, to strengthen his arm.

Mr Wright said Katie Rose was responsible for taking a knife to the scene with the twin-bladed knuckleduster. Graham White was captured on camera with a hammer waiting to fight.

As the Londesborough’s Vauxhall initially sped past, Katie Rose is heard shouting: “Get in the road and stop it. Come on let’s give them it. Come on boys!”

White was heard to say: “I should have smashed it.” The full horror, started at 4.23am as the knives were put to work. The rivals clashed in hand-to-hand combat amid shouting and threatening language. Rose had her hooded top up.

Mr Wright said not only were knifes and a hammer used, but Andrew Londesborough was hit repeatedly with a piece of wood in the face. CCTV did not capture who had the knife when it struck Graham White in his abdomen cutting through blood vessels which ruptured causing major hemorrhage. He bled to death. What is known is the knife, taken from the kitchen of the Housecrofts, was later used to strike Daniel Londesborough. It had Londesborough’s DNA on it as well as Graham White’s blood.

Mr Wright said after the fight Katie Rose hid the knife and the knuckleduster under a block at the back of Housecroft’s home. She portrayed herself to police as a peacemaker in police interview. “The Crown’s says that was not what she was, but rather an active and willing participant,” said Mr Wright. “She blamed Andrew White for making her pick up the knife and the knuckle duster and hide them after the fight.”

Defence barrister Peter Moulson, QC, admitted it was highly unusual that Roses’ boyfriend should be killed by weapons she had unlawfully taken to the scene. “The root cause is the consumption of alcohol,” said Mr Moulson. “This was a petty dispute. She is making significant progress to address her problems in prison. Katie Rose has expressed remorse to Graham White’s family. She is grateful for the dignified approached the White family has taken has taken about the events that night. We fully acknowledge the balanced stand taken by the family and the prosecuting authorities.”

Barrister John Thackray for Londesborough said the father-of-three girls had missed his own father’s funeral while on remand for this offence. “In his own words: he has had a reality check about what is most important in life. He has ambitions to be a hard-working family man for his daughters and his partner of eight years.”

Defence barrister Richard Thompson said Anthony White’s life had become chaotic after the death of his brother. “He was not an enthusiastic participant,” said Mr Thompson. “He acted out of misguided loyalty. He realised his brother faced a difficult situation and would be out numbered.”

Sentencing, Judge Jeremy Richardson, QC, said: “It was an alcohol-fuelled orgy of violence with weapons. This episode was not spontaneous. It took place late at night. A knife and bladed knuckleduster, a hammer and a stick were taken to the scene and used. Graham White died. Andrew Londesborough was seriously stabbed as well.

“Graham White died as a result of Katie Rose deliberately taking the knife that killed him to the scene.

“It must be made clear that anyone who participants in street violence late at night, where weapons are deliberately taken to the scene to father that violence, that very substantial prison sentences approaching the maximum for violent disorder will be considered by the courts.”

Kate Rose mouthed the words “see you soon mum” as she was sentenced to eight years. Anthony White was sentenced to three and a half years and David Londesborough three years.

The judge ordered a Chief Constable commendation for the work of the police in the case.

Speaking after the hearing Detective Chief Inspector Wendy North said: “The violence and behaviour of those involved in this incident was appalling, causing disturbance to local residents and ending with the most severe consequences.”Graham White lost his life during the disorder, and Andrew Londesborough, who also suffered serious injuries, later took his own life. Three people are now serving custodial sentences.

“This case highlights the dangers of alcohol-fuelled violence. It should serve as a warning of the devastation that can occur when petty disputes escalate beyond all proportions. Humberside Police is committed to protecting our communities from violence. We will investigate and bring to justice offenders who take to the streets with weapons and use violence. Our thoughts are with the families who have suffered loss as a result of this incident.”