Repeat paedophile is spared prison

Steven Pemberton - pic by Hull News & Pics
Steven Pemberton - pic by Hull News & Pics

A REPEAT paedophile, who made a schoolgirl pregnant in 1984, has been saved from prison despite six further offences – because jailing him could institutionalise his son.

Judge Michael Mettyear said Bridlington odd job man Steven Pemberton, 61, deserved to go to prison because of his inability to control his appetite for young girls.

Instead he will be treated in a sex offenders’ group.

Judge Mettyear told Pemberton in the dock of Hull Crown Court on Tuesday: “You are to be sentenced for sexual offences which if they are looked at individually fall to the lower end of seriousness.

“The concerning matters however are you have been in trouble for similar but more serious offences albeit in 1968 and 1984.

“You record shows that you have engrained in you sexual misconceptions which cause you on occasion to misbehave in this way. It is quite clear your (latest) victim suffered as a result of contact with you.

“It is right to say your previous convictions were worse than what you did on this occasion. I believe you deserve, deserve very much, a prison sentence.

“The reason I don’t pass one is because there is information in the pre-sentence report about the son you look after.”

He said medical reports from Pemberton’s son’s GP showed he was confined to a wheelchair.

Since his mother’s death, Steven Pemberton has been his sole carer.

He has difficulty standing and talking, and without his father he would have difficulty communicating.

Judge Mettyear said: “If I were to send you to prison, which you deserve, there is a high chance that his condition meant he would be institutionalised. That is something no judge wants to do.

“So it is you get a lucky break because of your son.

“You should be ashamed of yourself; for what you have done and the fact you have been spared prison because of your son’s condition.”

Hull Crown Court heard Pemberton’s teenage victim suffers nightmares, anxiety and stress – nine months after reporting his persistent advances.

Pemberton, of Gypsey Road, pleaded guilty to six charges of sexual activity with a child under 16 when he appeared at court last month and the judge adjourned sentence for reports.

The court heard his victim’s family let him into the house, not knowing 27 years before he had made a schoolgirl pregnant.

Pemberton befriended the girl’s mother as an odd job man, delivering tobacco and helping around the house taking an unnatural interest in her daughter.

He would kiss her on the lips and lift her up when the mother was out of sight.

He groomed her by buying a present and offering to take her on a driving lesson in a pub car park so he could rub himself against her.

He once arrived at her house not knowing that two of her friends were there, ordering her to make coffee before going up behind her and touching her breasts.

The girl became frightened as she thought he may go further than before. She told Pemberton she had friends upstairs and he became agitated when he realised it was true – despite this he stroked the girl’s leg and face before he walked out.

Judge Mettyear ordered Pemberton should be given a 12-month suspended prison sentence.

He must attend the Northumbria Sex Offenders’ group work programme and be subject to two-years supervision.

Pemberton was ordered to sign on the National Sex Offenders’ Register before being allowed to walk from court.