Pregnant robber escapes jail term

Jordon Holbrook, 23, escaped a jail term despite admitting attempting to rob a woman in Bridlington
Jordon Holbrook, 23, escaped a jail term despite admitting attempting to rob a woman in Bridlington

A serial yob who once burgled a 100-year-old woman’s house in Bridlington has walked free from court after she admitted attempting to rob another woman in the street and stamping on her while on the ground.

Jordon Holbrook, 23, punched, kicked and then spat on the woman in Windsor Crescent, Bridlington, after getting out of a car and demanding £40.

Holbrook spat at the woman after turning her bag inside out and finding nothing. Holbrook was jailed for three years and two months in 2013 for burgling a centenarian’s home in Eighth Avenue, Bridlington, and then going on a £1,000 heroin binge.

Holbrook, of Quay Road appeared at Hull Crown Court (September 23) after pleading guilty to a charge of attempted robbery and causing actual bodily harm. A judge had earlier deferred sentencing her for six months.

Crown barrister Stephen Welch told a March hearing that Holbrook was in a car which pulled up alongside the woman and its driver asked: “Where is my £40?” on January 12 2016.

He said Holbrook got out got out the car asking the victim where the money was initially punching her head and left shoulder. They both fell to the ground, but Holbrook continued the assault punching the woman’s head and chest.

Holbrook was asked to let go as a man from the car tried to intervene. Mr Welch said as Holbrook got up she kicked the woman and stamped on her head.

When she found there wasn’t any money, she threw her bag down and spat at her.

Defence barrister Stephen Robinson said Holbrook was now pregnant and co-operating with the probation service.

He said: “She will have to stay off drugs as she is expecting a child - otherwise she will be in trouble on many fronts. She has limited means and cannot afford to pay a fine.”

Recorder Richard Wright, QC, told Holbrook: “I am pleased you have managed to stay out of trouble and stay off drugs. It seems you are engaging with lots of agencies due to your pregnancy. I am going to make you the subject of an 18-month suspended prison sentence. You must keep out of trouble. If you do not, you will get 18 months for starters.”