Police reveal summer crime levels in Bridlington

Insp Rob Cocker
Insp Rob Cocker

The man in charge of policing in Bridlington has said he is happy with how his officers managed to limit crime during the summer months.

Like many other resorts, the town usually sees an increase in burglaries and violent crime during the warmer weather.

But Insp Rob Cocker said he was pleased with the results his teams had managed in recent weeks.

At a meeting of Bridlington Town Council last Wednesday, he said: “I am happy with what we have done.

“The crime figures I am pleased with and we have something that hopefully we can build upon.

“There is a natural decrease in crime over the winter but let’s see what we can learn for next summer.”

He said officers had been sent into residential areas to hand out security leaflets where they found insecure windows and doors.

“Quite naturally, when we get an increase in the population in summer, we get an increase in violent crime and burglaries,” Insp Cocker added.

“Burglary figures have been quite good and we have done well over the last 12 months.

“Although we had a peak a while ago in the North of Bridlington and towards Sewerby, we believe that has been resolved and the numbers have gone down recently.

“Violent crime has been about average.

“We know that when people come to Bridlington, they enjoy a drink and that contributes to night-time crime but we have achieved some good results by dealing with individuals early.”

Insp Cocker also said a number of drugs warrants had been carried out recently.

The most successful and high-profile find was in Hornsea, but raids had also been conducted in Bridlington.

“We have had Class A drugs back, people in custody for possession with intent to supply and a substantial amount of cash which we believe was the proceeds of crime.

“There is more still to come so watch this space.

“Once we have enough information, we will gain entry and make arrests.”

After his presentation, Insp Cocker was pressed by councillors on rumours that custody cells at Bridlington Police Station could close.

“Part of the review has looked at that but I don’t have a definitive answer yet.

“Whatever decision is made, there will some sort of contingency to manage the situation.”