Police probe ‘name and shame’ Facebook page

Insp Jonathan Roe, head of Bridlington's Neighbourhood Policing Tactical Unit
Insp Jonathan Roe, head of Bridlington's Neighbourhood Policing Tactical Unit
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A Bridlington police chief says he is working to track down those who set up a ‘name and shame’ page on social networking site Facebook.

Insp Jonathan Roe, head of Bridlington’s new Neighbourhood Policing Tactical Unit, said officers were investigating after a number of offensive messages – including homophobic and racist insults – targeting people in Bridlington were posted on the site.

Insp Roe said the force had received a number of complaints about the page from Bridlington residents. The Free Press newsdesk also received a number of calls.

A rival page ‘Get Brid Name and Shame Removed’ was set up to lobby for the page, and its obscene content, to be removed on Thursday, May 23 after the messages surfaced. Hundreds ‘liked’ this page in the following days.

Insp Roe said: “When the messages were posted, we received complaints and took the decision to ask Facebook for the page to be closed down.

“This happened, but some other copycat pages sprang up. The message is that we are investigating this and looking for the people responsible.

“People may think this is a bit of fun, but it is not good for the town and it needs to stop.

“It was mischievous at the start but went too far.

“The word ‘vile’ has been used to describe what has been posted, including homophobic and racist insults.

“People have to be really careful what they put on social media. We are monitoring the site and will continue to do so.”

A number of other copycat pages sprung up in the days after the original page had been taken down, but these have also since been removed.