Police issue warning to East Yorkshire residents about bogus traders

Police Station
Police Station

Police are warning residents of the East Riding to beware of bogus traders.

According to Humberside Police, in the last two weeks residents across the county have lost thousands of pounds to fake workmen who claim to offer a service.

It is thought the majority of bogus workmen target elderly residents.

Neighbourhood Policing Chief Inspector James Glansfield, said: “Rogue Traders can often look respectful, but are deceitful, this is how so many people fall for their sales pitch.

“When a offer seems to good to be true it often is.

“Generally speaking it is very rare these days for genuine traders to cold call, but if you do come across this there are certain rules they have to abide by.”

The police advice given is to ensure the trader gives a seven day cancellation, give a written quote and provide contact details. Residents are also warned not to hand over any money before work has been carried out.