Pair get five years jail

A THREE-STRIKE burglar from Bridlington has been jailed for three years after targeting the home of his former stepfather in a revenge attack.

Jonathan Goodyear, 26, of Kingston Road, broke into his stepfather’s home telling police he wanted to uncover evidence of cannabis production because he claimed he abused him and his mother when he grew up.

Goodyear had carried out two domestic burglaries before and according to sentencing guidelines faced a minimum of three years.

He allegedly used a knife to break-in – which he denied – but when he was seen inside the property he jumped out a second floor window during the burglary on New Street, Pontefract on August 15.

Goodyear then fled the town, but was arrested along with Craig Wilcox, 34 of the Promenade, Bridlington, after they were found handling stolen goods following burglaries on Third Avenue, Bridlington, on August 26, and Kingston Road, Bridlington, on August 28.

Crown barrister Jharna Jobes told Hull Crown Court on Friday (March 25) the pair had denied the Bridlington burglaries, but pleaded guilty to handling stolen goods. The first was handling two DVDs belonging to Christine Norton within hours of a break-in and the second was handling a stolen Wii game belonging to Jonathan Cooper a day or so later.

The court heard both men had drug problems and both had records for 43 previous offences – Goodyear on 24 appearances and Wilcox on 16 appearances before courts in the north.

Both pleaded guilty to two charges of handling stolen goods, Goodyear also pleaded guilty to one charge of burglary at New Street, Pontefract.

Wilcox admitted a charge of arson by setting alight a mattress in a cell after he tied paper around his legs, and passed out in an attempt at suicide following his arrest at a police station.

Barrister Adam Berkley for Goodyear urged the judge not to jail him for the full three years saying it was about his stepfather and not for financial gain, but to try and implicate him in crime.

Barrister Nigel Clive for Wilcox said: “He (Wilcox) has been around the block. He knows the score. He knew there were stolen goods being brought to the flat. The years of leading a drug lifestyle are habit forming.”

Recorder Richard Sheldon, told them: “You both have bad records. You both have drug backgrounds. You both have been given community orders in the past and you both committed offences when they were in place.”

He said the law dictated a three-strike burglar like Goodyear should be given a minimum of three years.

He told Wilcox he had a “terrible record” twice being jailed for four years in 2001 and 2008 and was now found handling stolen goods soon after break-ins in Bridlington.

He ordered Wilcox should be given two-years imprisonment with 105 days on remand counting towards his sentence and eventual release.