Neighbourhood Action

Bridlington Police Station'New Area Team'PA1121-8'Liam Whittington, Simon Stabler, Steve Johnson
Bridlington Police Station'New Area Team'PA1121-8'Liam Whittington, Simon Stabler, Steve Johnson

Neighbourhood Action is your regular insight in to what your local Police are doing to help make your community a safer and better place to live.

There has also been a slight change to the patrol zones of the town.

To define them the main divide line through the town is along Brett Street, Queensgate and Queensgate Extension running across the town.

Any area to the South of the area is now part of Bridlington South Ward. Any area to the North of the area is part of the Central and North ward of the town.

This week we focus on Bridlington South Central Sector

Your local officer for this sector are:

* PC Simon Stabler

* PCSO Liam Whittington

* PCSO Steve Johnston

The Neighbourhood Team have established new priority targets for each ward and these priorities are reviewed at the end of every month.

The priority targets are made purely on the evidence of complaints and reported issues from members of the public about problems in their respective areas.

This week we see what issues are causing concerns for residents in the South Central sector of Bridlington.


Town Centre- shoplifting offences.

Promenade/Esplanade. Night time violence and Anti Social Behaviour.

North Marine Drive/North beach chalets. Speeding issues and anti-social behaviour.


Town Centre.

Regular high visibility foot patrols in and around the town centre during shopping hours to provide a visible deterrent and reassurance to members of the public.

The operation has been running for a number of months.

In June, over 40 hours of foot patrol were carried out by local officers.

This has resulted in fewer calls relating to shop thefts and increased public and business confidence with the police. Foot patrols in the area will continue.


Police are continually looking at new ways of tackling the issue of drink related violence and anti-social behaviour.

Regular foot patrols are made to provide a visible deterrent.

Running throughout the summer is a ‘red card’ initiative.

Anyone causing or involved in an alcohol related incident, get a red card directing them to leave a defined area of the town for up to 48 hours.

If they return into the prohibited area within that time will be arrested.

During June more than 30 hours of high visibility foot patrols were carried out in the area and more than 40 red cards were issued.

North Marine Drive/North beach chalets

Police are continuing to monitor issues of speeding motorists reported in and around North Marine Drive/ Limekiln Lane and Eighth Avenue.

Over 16 hours of speed checks were carried out in the areas during June.

Police are also continuing to patrol the area surrounding the North Beach chalets which experience problems of anti-social behaviour and criminal damage.

Over 15 hours of foot patrol have been carried out and a number of individuals issued fairway and alcohol warning letters.


Does your area suffer from anti-social behaviour?

Does the area you live in suffer from crime related issues? Have you told anybody?

The Police need to know what issues are causing concerns in your area. If you don’t tell us, we can’t help solve issues. Report incidents to Bridlington Police on 0845 60 60 222.


The top three types of crime during June were:

1) Shop theft

2) Public order offences

3) Drug related offences

By the end of June, a total of 97 people across the whole of the South and Central area were arrested.


In June, 97 people were arrested and brought to justice for offences in the North and Central Ward.

Some offences include 14 people being charged with committing public order offences, 17 were charged with shop theft, Six with assault, four with criminal damage and 12 persons with drug related offences.


A pedal cycle was stolen from an address in Wellington Road. The silver and black framed gent’s cycle was taken on June 12.

A vehicle had a tyre slashed in South Marine Drive on July 6

A window at McDonald’s restaurant on Prince Street was smashed on June 26.

A property in the area of Limekiln Lane has also had a window smashed overnight on June 25.

If you have any information that can help police with their enquiries, please contact Bridlington Police on 0845 60 60 222.


Friday July 29

PCSO Adrian Clark will be at West Hill Community Centre. Come and have a chat between 10am and 12pm.

Saturday July 23.

PCSO Liam Whittington will be along North Marine Promenade between 10am and 12pm. Come along and have a chat.

The Cop Shop, Bridge Street.

From Monday 1st August and every consecutive Monday after that Fiona Turner Funding and Development Worker from ERVAS (East Riding Voluntary Action Service)  and members of the team will be working at the Cop Shop from 10am-3pm offering advice,

All are welcome to pop in and have a chat with the team.


Your local police work to resolve issues that are affecting your quality of life where you live. The Neighbourhood team regularly discuss problems in areas of the town and set target patrol zones for these identified areas. This is purely done from receiving complaints from members of the public living in affected areas.

If you witness or experience crime or anti social behaviour where you live, let your local police know so that action can be taken. If the police don’t know about problems, they can not resolve them. Report crime and anti-social behaviour on 0845 60 60 222