Neighbourhood Action

Brid Police Station'Meet the the team'PA1124-20'PCSO Andrea Humphrys,PCSO  Mark White,PC  Jason Scotter,PCSO Lynda Anderson, PCSO Gerald Quinn
Brid Police Station'Meet the the team'PA1124-20'PCSO Andrea Humphrys,PCSO Mark White,PC Jason Scotter,PCSO Lynda Anderson, PCSO Gerald Quinn

BRIDLINGTON North and Bridlington Central ward zones are now effectively combined and are managed by one PC and four PCSOs.

The area covered by the team is shown on the map below. It also includes the villages of Grindale, Boynton, Bempton and Buckton.

Bridlington North Ward

Bridlington North Ward

Your local officers for the sector are:

l PC Jason Scotter

l PCSO Lynda Anderson

l PCSO Gerald Quinn

l PCSO Mark White

l PCSO Andrea Humphrey (Rural villages)

The Neighbourhood Team have established new priority targets for each ward for June 2011.

The priority targets are made purely on the evidence of complaints and reported issues from members of the public about problems in their respective areas.

Here we see what issues are causing concerns for residents on the North and Central sector of Bridlington.


l St Alban Road – Police have received numerous complaints from local residents and other motorists that vehicles are continuing to drive the wrong way down the street after it was made a one way system approximately three months ago.

l Pinfold Lane – There has been a recent increase in calls for service to the area concerning suspicious activity and burglaries.



l St Alban Road – Police have visited a number of local residents regarding the complaints and are currently working with other partner agencies to look at improving general issues surrounding the one way system.

Local officers are regularly patrolling the area and have so far conducted over six hours of patrol time there.

The police traffic department have also been made aware and are patrolling the area when possible.

l Pinfold Lane – Police have received a number of calls for service in and around the area concerning suspicious activities and burglaries reported.

Local officers are currently patrolling the area and visiting any properties to help improve security and promote general crime prevention to local residents.

Officers are also regularly visiting the area to patrol and record any suspicious vehicles are persons in the area. Over eight hours of patrol time has been conducted in the area during June.


DOES your area suffer from anti-social behaviour? Does the area you live in suffer from crime related issues? Have you told anybody?

The police need to know what issues are causing concerns in your area. If you don’t tell us, we can’t help solve issues. Report incidents to Bridlington police on 0845 6060222.


THE top three types of crimes during the month of May for the North and Central ward area were:

1) Assault/Public Order offences

2) Criminal Damage

3) Burglary

At the end of May, police had detected 36 crimes in the North and Central ward area.

The information relates to all areas of the ward including rural villages.



IN MAY, 30 people were arrested and brought to justice for offences in the North and Central Ward.

Some offences include:

l four people charged with committing public order offences,

l four with shop theft,

l six with assault charges,

l four with committing criminal damage,

l and three with drug related offences.


l A number of vehicles in the area of Lansdowne Road and Blackburn Avenue had their tyres slashed some time overnight between June 17 and 18.

l A property in the Windsor Crescent area has had damage committed to its rear door and a window. It is believed the offence took place on June 16.

l A property in the Britannia Road area has had a window smashed on Sunday, June 26.

l A property in the West Crayke area has also had a window smashed.

It is believed offenders may have used a ball bearing gun and fired at the property. It happened on Sunday, June 26.

If you have any information on these crimes please contact Bridlington police on 0845 6060222.



YOUR local police work to resolve issues that are affecting your quality of life where you live.

The Neighbourhood team regularly discusses problems in areas of the town and sets target patrol zones for these identified areas.

This is purely done from receiving complaints from members of the public living in affected areas.

If you witness or experience crime or anti social behaviour where you live, let your local police know so that action can be taken.

If the police don’t know about problems, they can not resolve them. Report crime and anti-social behaviour on 0845 6060222


l Today (Thursday, June 30) – PCSO Lynda Anderson will be at Bridlington North Library, in Martongate, with the Police Mobile Unit. Go along and have a chat between 3pm and 4.30pm.


l Alottment Watch – PCSO Andrea Humphrey is looking for volunteers and general interest from local residents to help set up an allotment watch for the town.

If you feel you can help or would like to know more about the project please contact Andrea on 0845 6060222 or on email