Mum of two set fire to cafe toilet

A TOILET cubicle in a Bridlington internet cafe was set alight by a drunk woman who had been asked to leave the premises.

Mother-of-two Kristina Hampson, 26, of Kilham Road, Langtoft, had been drinking throughout the afternoon of April 2 when she was asked to leave the cafe at 5.50pm by its owner Baron Crossland.

Before she left, Hampson, went upstairs to the toilet.

Several minutes later Mr Crossland could smell burning and went to toilet to find that it had been set alight.

He used two fire extinguishers to put out the blaze which caused around £600 of damage to the property.

Speaking for the prosecution when Hampson appeared at Bridlington Magistrates’ Court last Wednesday, Heather Levitt said: “He (Mr Crossland) said he was very concerned because once he extinguished the fire, he realised it was next to various flammable cleaning products.

“He said her actions put his and his customers lives in danger.”

Hampson pleaded guilty to arson in court, but defending her, Caroline Wyatt said that she had been playing with a lighter in the toilet and had not intended to set the cubicle on fire.

She said: “She is extremely remorseful for it.

“She told me she is going to write to the owner of the cafe and she was a regular there before this happened.

“On the day in question, Miss Hampson had been in the internet cafe and had been drinking alcohol throughout the day.

“At that point in her life she had been drinking heavily, drinking most days.

“She was asked to leave the cafe and when she was on the toilet she was rolling a cigarette and playing with a lighter.

“It wasn’t an intentional act. She said she didn’t realise what had happened until she left.”

Miss Wyatt added that Hampson has suffered from depression in the past but has now stopped drinking and moved in with her parents, while her two children were in their father’s care.

She said that Hampson was making appointments with her new GP in Driffield to get help with her problems.

Presiding magistrate Ann Farnsworth adjourned the case for a report to take place before deciding on a suitable sentence.

Addressing Hampson, she said: “We do want a full report on this case, it is a serious matter.

“You were in a public place, the fire was started near flammable liquid and it could have been more serious than it was.

“We are looking towards a high community order.”

Hampson will be back at Bridlington Magistrates’ Court for sentencing on May 18.