Mother who stabbed partner is jailed

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A mother who stabbed her boyfriend twice in the chest was jailed despite a plea from him to spare her custody.

Pearl Innis, 40, stabbed her partner under the arm and in his chest with such force, that the knife entered and came out the other side.

Innis said sorry after the first two blows but continued to wave the knife at her partner until he wrestled her off.

The victim made an emotional appeal to Recorder David Ake not to jail her at Hull Crown Court on Monday 26 January. He said he still loved her despite suffering nerve damage, a nervous breakdown and a stroke since the attack and was unable to return to Bridlington.

“I don’t want her to go to prison,” the man told the court. “Pearl is the loveliest, most gentle, genuine and passionate girl you will ever meet. I have been through it for seven months.

“She has hardly seen her daughter since. I can’t imagine what she has been through. What we have gone through together is awful. I am a wreck.

“Please don’t put us through anymore, because I can’t take it.”

Ms Innis of Holyrood Avenue, Bridlington, appeared at Hull Crown Court on Monday for sentence after pleading guilty to a charge of wounding. She wept in the dock while her boyfriend watched.

Crown barrister Jayne Bryan said Innis had been in a stormy relationship with her partner before the stabbing on June 23 with the police being called many times to their home.

He said that night Innis had been ejected from the New Inn, in Bridlington, after getting drunk and had gone home with her partner who told her he had had enough.

Innis asked if the relationship was over and when he told her to pack her bags she produced the knife.

“He felt a sharp pain under his right armpit,” said Mrs Bryan. “This was followed by a much worse pain in his left abdomen. He put his hand out to grab Ms Innis hand to see the blade pulled out of his body. She said she was sorry.

“She then held the knife stabbing it towards him.” Mrs Bryan said the man was struck three or four times before he retaliated striking her back. Police and an ambulance were called.

The man received 14 stitches for two wounds 3cm and 6cm in length.

In a victim impact statement the man said he had since, found himself unable to work after a panic attack and lost his job.

He had to give up owning a car, a mobile phone and access to the internet and was reduced to public transport.

He had to borrow £3,000 to pay off debts they had run up and lost his self confidence.

“I could not face going back to the flat, even though Pearl was not there anymore,” he said in the statement. “I did go back three days later to get some clothes. I saw blood all over the walls. Some of the blood was still wet. It was horrendous. The thought of going back to Bridlington makes me feel sick.”

He said he had suffered scar tissue and nerve damage, had a panic attack and was now on medication. In his statement he said: “I still love her very much, but I forgive her. She must be punished for what she has done.”

The court heard Innis had nine previous convictions for 22 offences. She was jailed for 14 months at Leeds Crown Court for glassing a man in a pool game after being told it was not her turn.

Defence barrister Stephen Robinson urged the judge to follow her partner’s plea for leniency and not jailed the single mother who had problems with drink, bulimia and ill health.

He said: “It does seem it was a volatile, tempestuous relationship that would inevitably end,” said Mr Robinson.

Recorder Ake told Innis: “On June 23 you stabbed a knife in the back of your partner causing serious injuries.

“That could have even more serious injuries. I have heard from your partner who has made it plain he believe you should not be sent to prison.

“I obviously take that request seriously. There are times in a judge’s life where the decision that has to be taken is unpleasant.

“This is one of those occasions.” He sentenced her to 16-month in prison with 108 days she has spent on electronic curfew to count towards it.