More police on the way

Chief superintendent Tim Hollis
Chief superintendent Tim Hollis

HUMBERSIDE Police are to start recruiting police officers again two years after the last new officers joined the force.

The recruits will initially be drawn from serving police staff; including specials, PCSOs and others who have already completed the officer recruitment process but were held back because of the recruitment freeze imposed in 2010.

The plan would see sixteen new officers taken on force-wide over the next six months, but as yet it is not known where the new roles would be based.

It is then anticipated that towards the end of 2012, at the earliest, members of the public will be able to once again apply for new positions.

Tim Hollis, Chief Constable at Humberside Police said: “I’m delighted the force is in a position to start recruiting officers once more. Whilst there are still significant financial challenges confronting Humberside Police, and we’re not out of the woods yet, looking ahead over the next five years we know that we will need to keep officer strength up.

“The support we recently received from the Police Authority in setting this year’s budget means that we can start the process sooner rather than later, albeit the numbers of new recruits are relatively low at present. It’s really good news for Humberside Police and for our communities.”

In order to reduce back office costs, the force have agreed to undertake training of the new student officers jointly with South Yorkshire Police using trainers drawn from both forces.

Ros Taylor, Chair of the Humberside Police Authority, said: “I’m absolutely delighted by the news and I’m sure the public will share this view.”