Matthew Grove sells his office to fund crime reduction

Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Grove has announced the sale

of his office building, Pacific Exchange, to Hull City Council.

matthew grove

matthew grove

The net proceeds from the sale, around £350,000, along with savings in the cost of his

office will be used to create the Commissioner’s Crime Reduction Fund, full details of

which will be announced later this week, where local groups across East Yorkshire and

Northern Lincolnshire will be able to submit bids for projects to aid crime reduction and

community safety.

The Commissioner will now relocate his staff to shared office accommodation in the

coming weeks, generating further annual savings which will also be added to the Fund.

Matthew Grove said: “As soon as I was elected I made a promise to sell Pacific

Exchange, the building I inherited from the former Police Authority, and use the

proceeds to create a fund for local community projects that will help me deliver the

outcomes in my Police and Crime Plan.

Pacific Exchange is far too large for my office and reduced number of staff and I will

now relocate my team into a shared building.

In my Police and Crime Plan, I have asked Humberside Police and our partners to look

at the savings and efficiency that can be obtained by co-locating our services. Since I

was elected, I have also managed to make significant annual savings of against the

running costs of my predecessor Humberside Police Authority.