Man stabbed guest due to ‘worms in his head’

Hull Crown Court
Hull Crown Court

A cider drinker allegedly told a pal he had “worms eating his brain” before stabbing him with a 10inch Bowie hunting knife in the side of his chest making blood pour everywhere.

Philip Mason said he and Philip Leek had taken off their tops to measure their biceps and talk about weight training when Leek took a funny turn and stabbed Mr Mason in the chest.

He did not know where the knife came from and recalled little because he believes he took a diazepam tablet offered to him by Leek and afterwards his memory became hazy.

Mason could recall only saying: “You’ve stabbed me! Ring an ambulance. I’m dying!”

Mr Leek, 26, of St Cuthbert Road, Bridlington, appeared at Hull Crown Court on Monday June 10 and pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm. He denied intentionally stabbing Mr Mason, a man he hardly knew.

The pair had met in a convenience store in Flamborough Road, Bridlington, on March 19. Mr Mason had nowhere to stay and Leek invited him back to St Cuthbert Road.

Gill Leek, 62, heard them arrive at 11pm and said her son had saved Mason from a fight. He asked if it was alright to stay. She went back to bed before waking to the sound of moaning coming from Leek’s room.

She went in and saw her son holding a large knife and Mason wearing only boxer shorts covered in blood. Mason had a wound in the left side of his stomach near his ribs. She asked her son what had happened and he tried to put the blame on Mason.

He said Mason was threatening to slit his mother’s throat. Mason told police Leek had drunk cider and complained of head pains with “worms eating his brains” adding that “he couldn’t handle it.”

Leek ran off before police arrived, jumping a fence. He was found in a Bridlington car park with facial injuries at 6am and had to be taken to Scarborough Hospital to be checked over.

Defence barrister Anil Murray told the latest hearing there was no relationship between the men and confirmed Mr Leek had a made a no-comment interview.

He said there was a lot going on in Mr Leek’s background and asked for him to be given a report from the Humberside Probation Service.

Judge Mark Bury told Leek: “In due course you will receive credit for your guilty plea. The report is designed to assist you. By my adjourning for a report it should not be an indication of any sentence. All options will be open including custody.”

There was no application for bail and Leek was led to cells below court and a waiting prison van.