Man sent film of naked mum

A FAMILY dispute left emotions running so high a man filmed his naked elderly mother covered in her own faeces and sent the footage to his sister, a court heard.

Graham Paul Walker, 46, pleaded guilty to sending a communication conveying an indecent or offensive message and two separate charges of sending a communication conveying a threatening message when he appeared before magistrates in Bridlington last Wednesday.

Prosecutor James Byatt said all those involved in the case were related and it concerned difficulties over the care of Walker’s elderly mother, who suffers from dementia.

Walker, of Eastborough, Scarborough, had been caring for her at her home in Bridlington, with the support of carers who visited three times a week.

On January 4, he sent an electronic message to his sister Karen Dean containing a 10-minute film showing his elderly mother naked in bed and covered in faeces.

“Mr Walker had found his mother in that position and sent it to his sister and in the film he’s blaming her for this,” said Mr Byatt.

He told police he believed his sister had passed on a vomiting and diarrhoea infection to his mother and sent her the film to point out that fact.

On January 6, Walker sent a threatening message to his cousin Martin Bishop via Facebook which read: “I swear after what happened yesterday to my mother if I see your mother and father I will rip their throats out with my bare hands.”

Mr Byatt said that night, Walker left a voicemail message for his sister, who lives near the Clifton Suspension Bridge, in Bristol, suggesting “she do the decent thing.”

In mitigation, Robert Vining said Walker suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and had been caring for his mother with the support of a care package, contrary to his sister’s wishes, who wanted her to be moved into a care home.

Mr Vining said Ms Dean visited her brother and mother just after Christmas, shortly after having suffered from a diarrhoea and vomiting illness.

“The defendant starts feeling sick and gets diarrhoea, goes to his mother in the morning and she has been sick and the bedroom is covered in faeces.

“He’s furious that his beloved mother has had to go through that believing it to be because of his sister and her visit,” Mr Vining said.

“He sent a DVD to his sister basically saying ‘are you happy now?’.

“It’s unique in that nobody but his sister can get into that. His sister has seen her mother naked before so it’s nothing new to her. It wasn’t wise but he wanted her to realise just what her stupidity had done,” Mr Vining added.

As far as the threatening message on Facebook, Mr Vining said Walker and Mr Bishop joked with each other on Facebook, but on this occasion his mother had been taken into a care home and he had enjoyed a drink.

In relation to the abusive voicemail message to Ms Dean, Mr Vining said: “It’s a one off situation and it was born out of frustration.”

“It’s quite clear to me that he has done everything he could to put his mother in an environment where she was happy,” he added.

Walker was made the subject of a 12-month conditional discharge and was ordered to pay court costs of £40.

Presiding magistrate Sue Ackrill said she believed Walker’s actions to be a “knee-jerk reaction” and added: “It’s sad that a criminal court had to get involved because you’re clearly upset and have a lot of affection for your mother.”