Man’s sentence extended after second child sexual assault

Anthony Vowles
Anthony Vowles

A man has had his jail term increased after being found guilty of sexually assaulting a second young boy in Bridlington.

Anthony Vowles, 31, of Bridlington, was already serving nine years for sexually assaulting a boy and was sentenced to a further three years after admitted being responsible for eight sexual offences against a second boy in Bridlington.

Vowles, who used to live in central Bridlington, appeared at Hull Crown Court on Friday April 17 and pleaded guilty to two offences of rape, one charge of inciting a child into sexual activity and five charges of sexually assaulting a child between July and December 2013.

Crown barrister John Thackray said Vowles groomed the second boy taking him on cycle rides and fishing before sexually assaulting him. Vowles warned him: “Don’t tell your mother.”

He bought him sweets and a jacket and began showing him porn videos.

Mr Thackray said the sexual assault on the first boy were serious, but did not involve rape. In a victim impact report the second boy said he had continual nightmares. He feels sad and local youths who found out about it had teased him.

Defence barrister David Cammidge said although he had not pleaded guilty immediately he had admitted the offences in time to gain maximum discount on his sentence. He said he had been in prison since April last year and he expected a substantial sentence, but did not want him to lose hope of release.

Judge Jeremy Richardson, QC, ordered Vowles to stand as he told him: “The rape charge takes it to a rather different league. You thoroughly deserve a very long sentence. This is your second victim, but it should be been dealt with as a piece. You are to be severely punished for what you did. It was utterly depraved. This was outrageous behaviour.”

He jailed Vowles for 11 years.