Man punched mother-in-law - COURT REPORT

A BRIDLINGTON man has been handed a restraining order after repeatedly punching his mother-in-law.

Andrew George Longden, 27, of Bessingby Gate, pleaded guilty at Bridlington Magistrates Court last week to assault by beating. He was charged with assaulting Karen Ann Teal, his mother-in-law, on December 11 last year.

At 2pm on that day Mrs Teal’s daughter Jade arrived at her home with her children saying that she had had an argument with Longden, had had enough of him and asked if she could stay.

Later that day, Mrs Teal saw the defendant standing at her front gate, so told him that her daughter did not want to see him and that he should go away.

Mrs Teal shut and locked the front door, but Longden entered the house through the back door and saw his son sitting at the kitchen table.

“The defendant leaned over and picked up his son. Jade started crying and told him to put his son down because he was crying. Jade took their son and the other children upstairs.

“The defendant tried to follow and Mrs Teal tried to stop him from doing this. He grabbed her by the arms and threw her to the ground.

She got up and tried to stop him again but he punched her in the face on the right hand side, then again,” prosecutor Heather Levett said.

“He entered the living room and she approached him again and she was punched to the right hand side of the head again, then left by the back door,” Mrs Levett added.

Caroline Wyatt, defending, said Longden wanted to apologise for the incident. He has been with his partner for seven years and they have four children together ranging in age from five years to four months.

The court heard Longden is back together with his partner.

Miss Wyatt said Longden’s main problem was gambling on slot machines and at bingo, which had led to arguments with Jade, but she said he was keen to put it behind him.

Presiding magistrate Jennifer Byass said the bench took a very serious view of domestic violence.

“It is serious enough to send you to prison,” she said.

However, Longden was sentenced to a three-month prison sentence, suspended for 12 months, a 12-month supervision order and 160 hours’ unpaid work.

He must also pay £100 compensation to Mrs Teal and was given a two-year restraining order prohibiting him from harassing Karen Teal.