Man found guilty of GBH

Malcolm Ridley, 49, denies causing actual bodily harm to a man in Bridlington and elects a trial at Hull Crown Court.
Malcolm Ridley, 49, denies causing actual bodily harm to a man in Bridlington and elects a trial at Hull Crown Court.

A man broke his girlfriend’s cheek in a row after she accused him of wanting another lover.

Malcolm Ridley, 50, insisted his girlfriend slipped back and a pole banged her in the eye, but a jury rejected his defence.

The woman told Hull Crown Court Malcolm Ridley, 50, punched her to the face fracturing her cheek bone. Ridley said it was a lie and she did it to herself as they pushed and pulled on a 4ft-long metal vacuum pole and he let go.

Police were immediately on the scene after being called by neighbours and Ridley opened the door saying: “There she is! Take her!” However, the tables were turned and he was arrested himself then charged with causing grievous bodily harm.

Ridley, of Wellington Road, Bridlington, stood a three-day trial at Hull Crown Court denying a charge of causing grievous bodily harm on February 25 and assaulting the same woman on February 11.

A jury took three hours to find him guilty of GBH, but cleared him of the first alleged assault.

Recorder Paul Miller told Ridley he could not sentence him straight away as he had been involved in a another assault and the co-accused needed to be sentenced with him. He remanded Ridley in custody and warned him “all sentencing options with be open.”

The woman told the jury of February 25 she had returned with Ridley to his flat from a New Pasture Road drinks party where she suspected him of wanting another woman.

She said: “He started shouting at me and then hitting me for no reason. I felt awful. He hit me in the face. There was more than one punch to the face. I ended up with two black eyes.

“He was calling me and got my hair and started dragging me around the living room. I wanted to call the police. I picked up the Hoover pipe to hit him with it. I didn’t.

“When I went to hit him he grabbed it. He punched me in the left eye and it swelled up, just like a golf ball. I had a fractured cheek bone.”

Under-cross examination the woman admitted she was jealous thinking Ridley wanted another woman and admitted sending him a Facebook message the next day saying: “How you doing? I am sorry for last night.”

Ridley told the jury on February 25 they left their friend’s drinks party after his girlfriend publicly accused him of wanting the female host. He said as soon as they got home he was sat in the living room playing on his phone when he saw his girlfriend tip out the contents out of the ceramic fruit bowl.

“She was pulling it back as if she was going to throw it,” said Ridley. “I got up and grabbed it off her and put it back. She then grabbed the Hoover pole. I got up and snatched the pole off her. She went down the table and grabbed my lamp and hit it against the wall. She was screaming and telling me to: “Get off!” She said: “You’re hurting me!” I had not touched her.

“I told her to get out. That was when she grabs the pole again. We were struggling with it. She lets go with one hand and scratches my face. I let go with both hands to get her hand off my face. With that, she slipped back. With the force of me letting go of the pole it banged her in the eye. I did not see it hit her. I saw the big lump afterwards.

“I never punched her at any stage that night. I never hit her with her boots. I never pulled her hair or grab her throat. She was the aggressor.”

The court heard the woman had two convictions for causing actual bodily harm and criminal damage. The jury was also told Ridley has convictions for affray, assault and battery where he hit a woman about the head with crutches.

Ridley will be sentenced on September 25.