Man breaks arm after dog attack horror

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Free Press news

A dog-walker ended up with a broken arm after what he says was the most frightening experience of his life.

Martin Dench was out with his Patterdale Terrier at Thornwick Bay in Flamborough when they were approached by two Alsatian dogs.

“They seemed to come from nowhere and were making chillingly vicious noises,” said Martin.

“My dog bolted and I lost her in the commotion. I lost my footing and fell heavily, temporarily losing sight of my dog in the dark.

“The owner of Alsatian didn’t have control of the dogs, he seemed in denial from the off.”

As he walked home shaken and injured, Martin found his dog Midge near the Flaneburg Hotel.

“It was a lovely moment when I saw her in one piece,” he said.

She had sustained two wounds but is recovering well.

Martin was in pain throughout the weekend and took himself to hospital on Monday morning, where it was confirmed he had broken his humerus bone. He is now facing time off work and is planning to use his time to identify the owner of the Alsatian.

He has spoken to police and the council’s dog warden service.

Martin, who was helped by staff at the Thornwick Bay holiday camp, remembers seeing a van in the area, and has urged anyone else who saw anything suspicious to contact the dog warden.

“All in all, the whole experience was extremely shocking and terrifying,” he said. “I have never been so scared in all my life.

“I will happily admit that but this person needs to accountable for his dogs’ actions.”