Lager theft

TWO men who stole a crate of lager from the Tesco store in Bridlington have been fined £65 each.

Jason Peter Broadbent, 21, of Albert Street, and Benn Robert Scase, 20, of Olinda Road, pleaded guilty to theft at a hearing at Bridlington Magistrates Court last week.

The men had walked into the Tesco store on Friday June 3 at around 6pm, and were seen on CCTV pick up a crate of Fosters lager, and passed it between them as they left without paying, said prosecutor Jayne Wilson.

The two men were then tracked on CCTV and stopped in the Moorfield car park.

Mitigating for Mr Scase, Ed Cunnah said: “The daft thing is that Mr Broadbent had £20 on him to buy the beer. They picked up the crate in the store, looked at each other, and said ‘are you thinking what I’m thinking?’ and then just took it.”

Presiding magistrate Graham McDonald fined the pair £65 each, and ordered them to pay £40 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

He said: “Shopkeepers in this town are absolutely sick and tired of people stealing things from them, and Tesco is definitely the worst place to attempt to steal anything as it has an excellent security system and always prosecutes.”