Jailed for eight months

Gerard Pickard
Gerard Pickard

A BRIDLINGTON man who smashed a window at a house where his ex-girlfriend had been visiting has been given an eight-month prison sentence for damage and drink driving.

Gerrard Pickard, 40, arrived at the home of Vanessa Bemrose, while her friend Caroline McCracken was visiting and became agitated as he wanted the return of his mobile telephone, Hull Crown Court heard.

At the hearing last Friday the court was told there were five children aged from 13-months to 16-years-old in the house at the time on September 20.

Philip Evans, prosecuting, said: “He began banging the brick on the window, until he was shouted at to stop. “Eventually he threw the brick through the window, showering glass on children in the living room who were then taken to the kitchen.

Caroline McCracken said she was in a state of shock following the incident.”

The court heard Pickard, who admitted breaking the window, had a record for numerous offences with 11 court appearances.

Crown barrister Philip Evans, said Pickard was also being sentenced for his fourth drink driving offence.

Pickard, of Marton Road, Bridlington, was followed from Well Lane bypass to the Esso filing station on August 27 when a police officer saw a passenger with a can in his hand.

A knuckle duster was also found the next day near where his car stopped.

Pickard pleaded guilty to charges of criminal damage, driving with excess alcohol, driving without a licence, no insurance, and possession of an offensive weapon.

Defence barrister Andrew Wilson said Mr Pickard had already spent the equivalent of a 10-month sentence in prison awaiting a separate trial where the crown offered no evidence. He said that was long enough to meet the justice of the case.

Sentencing him to eight months, Judge Jeremy Baker, QC, said: “You have a record of offending. This is the fourth occasion you have appeared for drink driving matters. In my judgement, in these circumstances, only a custodial sentence can be justified.”

He ordered an eight-month prison sentence and disqualified him from driving for four years. He said the effect of already serving the equivalent of a 10-month sentence meant Pickard would be released from custody immediately.