‘It is time for justice to be done’

Debbie Plaxton with her children Charlotte Murphy, 13, Philip Plaxton, 19. and Sinead Plaxton, 11.
Debbie Plaxton with her children Charlotte Murphy, 13, Philip Plaxton, 19. and Sinead Plaxton, 11.

THE daughter of murder victim Winnie Deighton has spoken of her hope that the killer will be brought to justice after news that detectives are re-visiting the 15-year-old case.

And the news came just days before Mrs Deighton’s family marked what would have been her 75th birthday.

As previously reported Humberside Police’s Major Incident Team are reviewing the investigation into the murder of grandmother Mrs Deighton who was brutally attacked and sexually assaulted before being left for dead on a patch of grass at the corner of Thornton Road and Bessingby Road on June 10, 1997.

Mrs Deighton died in Scarborough Hospital 11 days later having never regained consciousness, her daughter Debbie Plaxton by her side.

Following a huge murder hunt Kevin Storey, of no fixed abode, was arrested and charged with Mrs Deighton’s murder.

But three weeks into his trial at Sheffield Crown Court the case collapsed because of what the judge described as “unreliable” evidence.

Now her daughter Debbie has said she is pleased that the case is being looked at again and hopes it will finally bring the killer to justice.

“To be honest I thought they had forgotten,” said Ms Plaxton, 49, who still lives in Bridlington and receives regular treatment from a mental health team.

“I’m pleased they are opening the case again because I have been in and out of hospital with it and I just think it’s time they got their justice or comeuppance because they have got away with it basically,” she added.

Ms Plaxton, who has three children - Philip, 19, Charlotte, 13, and Sinead, 12 - has tried to move on with her life since her mum’s death but said she has not yet found closure. “I would just like them to be found so that hopefully whoever did it doesn’t strike out and do it to someone else.

“My mum was my best friend at the end of the day and they cut her life short and have made my family suffer.

“My kids would have loved to be with their grandma and she would probably still be here if it wasn’t for them,” she said.

Sunday marked what would have been Winnie’s 75th birthday, but instead of celebrating with her mum, Ms Plaxton was planning to take flowers to her graveside.

Det Chief Insp Matt Hutchinson, of the Major Incident Team, told the Free Press that the case is being reviewed as part of a process in which all unsolved homicides are reviewed after a period of time.

But he is hopeful that advances in forensic techniques will help move this particular investigation along.

And detectives will be re-visiting people who contributed information to the original investigation, focussing their attentions on the West Hill estate, in a process which is likely to take months.

DCI Hutchinson said: “We are reviewing the forensic submissions and talking to the people in the laboratory about what’s available to us now.

“As part of the inquiry we will be re-visiting people, not in a general house to house type door knock, but there will be people who we saw first time round who provided information who we are re-seeing.

“And as part of any review we would like to say to the general public if you have any information that’s of interest to us get in touch, or if there is something that they told us then and they have since remembered anything else get in touch with us.”

Anyone with information relating to Winnie’s murder can call the cold case team at the Driffield incident room on 01377 208989.