Illegal Facebook party broken up by police in Bridlington

PC Chris Prendergast and PCSO Andrea Humphrey with some of the empty cans and bottles left behind after the Danes Dyke party.
PC Chris Prendergast and PCSO Andrea Humphrey with some of the empty cans and bottles left behind after the Danes Dyke party.

POLICE had to break up an illegal drunken party by teenagers at a historic site in Bridlington – which was arranged on Facebook.

Around 50 underage drinkers, aged 15 and 16, flocked to Danes Dyke last Friday, carrying bags of booze, after word got around via the social networking site.

Now police have spoken of their disappointment, not only at the mess that was left behind – with fires having been lit and empty beer cans and bottles strewn all over the woodland area – but because they saw parents dropping their children off for the bash.

PC Chris Prendergast, of the Bridlington Neighbourhood Policing team, has branded the actions of the youngsters and their parents as “disappointing” and has called on youths to avoid the area, which is owned and maintained by East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

He said: “I’m concerned that parents have been dropping people off there, the attitude from some parents is if they are out of sight, what harm are they doing, but they are trespassing on a historical site.

“More importantly you have got 40 to 50 kids drinking in an area where there’s a 20ft drop down one side.

“We shouldn’t have to be chasing around worrying about what the kids are up to,” he said.

“It’s private property, it’s a historical site and with 50 youths intoxicated and having to go home, they are staggering about with that main road and a 20ft drop. It’s an accident waiting to happen,” he added.

The party happened between 6pm and 11pm last Friday. Eight officers, including PCs, PCSOs and specials, attended the scene and seized a large quantity of beer, lager and spirit.

Letters will now be sent out to all those under-age drinkers stopped on the night, while officers will also be visiting some parents. And any over-18s buying alcohol for juveniles have also been warned that the police have the power to seize their drink.

A council community access officer was due to visit the site yesterday afternoon to assess the damage and mess before it is dealt with.

Coun Jackie Cracknell, cabinet portfolio holder for community partnerships at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: “The council fully supports the position taken by Humberside Police in relation to the recent incident of antisocial behaviour at Danes Dyke.

“Antisocial behaviour is completely unacceptable and the council is firmly on the side of our residents who are angered by the effect it has on local communities. The council works closely with the police and residents across the East Riding to reduce antisocial behaviour and will make use of its fullest powers against those identified as causing it.”