‘I didn’t want to hurt her’

John Heald
John Heald

A joiner accused of murder and multiple counts of rape told a jury he killed Bridlington guest house landlady Bei Carter by accident and never wanted to hurt her.

John Heald said he was drunk and in a panic in the hall outside his room in the Moryland Hotel when Mrs Carter, 49, who had been making curtains, tapped him on the shoulder and he accidentally stabbed her during a pulling and tugging on the knife.

Mr Heald said that while he was in Bridlington he became aware of some men who had seen on Facebook he was accused of rape in Sheffield five days earlier and was wanted by police and had threatened him.

He said they found out where he was staying and visited the hotel to make further threats when Mrs Carter surprised him.

Read the full report from the court in this week’s Bridlington Free Press, out Thursday 5 February.