Humberside Police part of national campaign covering waterways security

Humberside Police is taking part in a national initiative, entitled Project Kraken, to increase public awareness of terrorism and criminal or suspicious activity at marinas, moorings or on water.

Thursday, 1st April 2021, 12:05 pm
Bridlington Harbour.

The force area covers a huge expanse of water from Bridlington to Cleethorpes, the ports and docks in Hull, Goole, Grimsby, Immingham, while rivers in the region include the Humber, Ouse, Trent, River Hull, Derwent, Dutch River including several canal water ways.

A police spokesman said: “Please be mindful and alert if you live or work in a coastal area or around any of our waterways.

“If you see anything that makes you suspicious please call 0845 6060222 or 999/101 quoting Project Kraken.”

What to look out for:

○ People buying or transporting unusual equipment, chemicals, uniforms or identification etc

○ Vehicles parked in isolated places along waterways

○ An unusual vessel in a marina, or someone who seems to be testing the security of a marina or restricted area to see if they’re challenged

○ Avoiding answering common boating questions or seemingly deliberately avoiding contact with other people or drawing attention to themselves

○ Putting objects into the water near bridges, pipes or infrastructure

○ Recording of power stations, military bases, bridges or critical infrastructure

○ Suspicious charters or rentals; someone asking to change a route or go closer to restricted areas