Gypsies should not suffer from hate crimes

Keith Hunter
Keith Hunter

Humberside’s Police and Crime Commissioner has vowed to get tough on hate crimes against gypsies.

Keith Hunter has said people who make threats against the travelling community on social media can expect to be prosecuted.

Bridlington often has issues with unauthorised camps being set up, but Mr Hunter insists they need to be addressed ‘in a measured, proportionate and legal way’ rather than ‘threatening words and behaviour’.

He said: “I will not allow it to go unchallenged, that includes threatening comments made by the public on the websites and Facebook pages of media outlets and all other forms of social media.

“I will be speaking with the temporary Chief Constable of Humberside Police to ensure that the force makes every effort to identify and prosecute people who post hateful comments that are intended or likely to provoke racial hatred or violence against any group.

“Make no mistake, people who make these comments are committing a hate crime and tolerance of any form of hate crime will not be a feature of my term as Police and Crime Commissioner.”