Graham White girlfriend’s guilty plea

Katie Rose who has pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of boyfriend Graham White (inset).
Katie Rose who has pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of boyfriend Graham White (inset).

A Bridlington woman who took part in a street battle over drugs has admitted the manslaughter of her boyfriend who died in the fight.

Heroin addict Katie Rose, 30, hung her head in shame as she pleaded guilty to manslaughter of her partner Graham White, 39, at Hull Crown Court (July 16).

She denied striking the fatal blow on Mr White but pleaded guilty on the basis of a joint enterprise in a violent disorder in Sewerby Road, Bridlington, which left the Bridlington community stunned.

Mr White died as the result of being struck with a twin-bladed knuckle duster, but CCTV did not catch who was holding it at the time. Forensic evidence showed Daniel Londesbrough, 22, was hit with the knife after the fatal injury to Mr White.

In a rare case of transferred malice, Rose was initially charged with murder but an alternative was charge was offered at Hull Crown Court (July 16) as she denied using the weapon.

Rose of Princess Street, Bridlington, pleaded guilty to manslaughter and violent disorder watched by her family from the public gallery.

The court heard Daniel Londesbrough, 22, of Bridlington, pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to violent disorder for his part in the fight on August 27 last year. Anthony White, 42, of Prickett Road, Bridlington, also pleaded guilty to violent disorder. It was his brother who was killed.

Crown barrister Richard Wright, QC, said: “Her plea of guilty to manslaughter is entered on the basis she was party to the joint enterprise that resulted in the death of the deceased. When the case comes to be opened the full circumstances will come out. Anthony Wright and Daniel Londesbrough were involved. The other two have pleaded guilty to violent disorder.”

Defence barrister Peter Moulson, QC, told the hearing: “It is important to the defendant that the basis of plea is heard. She was not directly related to the enterprise. She did not strike the fatal blow to him, nor was she in possession of the knife.”

Judge Jeremy Richardson, QC, order Rose to stand as he told her. “You have now pleaded guilty to serious matter. It will fall to me to sentence you on August 7. At this point I have no idea what the sentence would be. All sentencing options with be open. It is highly likely you will be sent to prison, the only issue is how long.”

Senior Investigating Officer Detective Chief Inspector Wendy North said: “Following an extensive investigation by the force, all those responsible for the violence on that night have been brought to justice.

“We are not looking for anyone else in connection with Mr White’s death.

“The force is committed to bringing to justice those who bring weapons and violence to our streets and such offending will not be tolerated.

“Once again, we would like to offer our condolences to Mr White’s family.”

The case has sent a shock wave through Bridlington because of the nature of weapons used. Daniel Londesbrough’s father, Andrew Londesbrough, 47, was badly injured after he was attacked with a hammer in the fight. It has led to a double tragedy. The East Riding Coroner ruled in June, Andrew Londesbrough took his own life wracked with guilt over his involvement in the fight - although he was never charged. Mr Londesbrough needed reconstructive surgery, which left his face disfigured. His body was found with high levels of different drugs, including heroin and cocaine, in a Withernsea caravan on January 24.

Rose is a regular before the courts in Bridlington and Hull. She was described by her own barrister as a “desolate outcast” at Hull Crown Court in March this year for selling White’s mother’s jewellery before his death. She claimed White had led her a-stray and given her £1,500 worth of gold jewellery to pawn after moving in with White’s mother when she was homeless.

The court heard she had been “given chance after chance” by justices and had an “extraordinarily depressing record” of 66 previous convictions.

At the time, defence barrister Paul Norton said Rose was a “desolate outcast” and had lost two partners in the space of almost two months. “Her mother, who previously despaired with her daughter has visited her in Newhall Prison and seen a positive change in her character,” said Mr Norton. “Prison has allowed her to escape from her addiction. Her main concern is she will lose her home where the rent is paid.”

Sentencing at the time Judge Jeremy Richardson, QC, knew nothing of her killing of her boyfriend, but said: “You a thoroughly-dishonest woman. I have little doubt the money was miss spent on your utterly disorderly life. And while on bail you committed further breaches by further shop thefts. To add insult to injury you were in breach of a suspended sentence order. You are addicted to alcohol and drugs. You have numerous previous convictions for crimes of dishonesty. You have displayed a total disregard for law and order. If you don’t reform, the sentences will get longer and longer; and your life will be in greater desolation than it has already been.”

In the latest hearing, Judge Richardson, QC, urged restraint in reporting of the case as he said the whole picture would emerge at her sentencing hearing when the two other parties were present on August 7. Rose was remanding custody.