Bridlington Police Station'New Area Team'PA1121-8'Liam Whittington, Simon Stabler, Steve Johnson
Bridlington Police Station'New Area Team'PA1121-8'Liam Whittington, Simon Stabler, Steve Johnson
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Bridlington Neighbourhood Police- Beat section

Welcome to the new-look Neighbourhood Action feature, your insight in to what your local police are doing to help make your community a safer and better place to live.

A few things have changed since the last edition including the patrol areas for all the local officers.

As well as officers moving patrol areas, there has also been a slight change to the patrol zones of the town.

To simplify the zones the main divide line through the town is along Brett Street, Queensgate and Queensgate Extension, running across the town.

Any area to the South of the area is now part of Bridlington South Ward.

Any area to the North of the area is part of the Central and North ward of the town.

Bridlington South Ward has four sectors with a Police officer managing each area. There are now seven PCSO’s covering the new South Ward.

Each sector of the South Ward has a set number of PCSOs.

All officers and PCSOs for each sector of the ward are highlighted on the map.

This week’s report is from the South Central sector.

Your local officers for the sector are:

PC Simon Stabler

PCSO Steve Johnston

PCSO Liam Whittington.

What’s happening in my area?

The Neighbourhood Team have established new priority targets for each ward for June 2011.

The priority targets are made purely on the evidence of complaints and reported issues from members of the public about problems in their respective areas. This week we see what issues are causing concerns for residents on the south central sector of Bridlington.


•Speeding/ASB: Increased calls relating to speeding and nuisance vehicle use in the area of the Avenue’s and North Marine Drive.

•Flamborough Road/ One Stop Shop: Police have received an increase of complaints regarding drivers and vehicles stopping and waiting on the double yellow lines outside One Stop shop.



Police have received a number of complaints regarding the manner of driving from some motorists including speeding and general anti-social driving in the area.

Local officers have visited numerous complainants and are establishing regular speed checks to combat the issue.

Local officers are also regularly patrolling the area and have so far conducted over 8 hours of patrol time.

Police are also taking details of any vehicles in the area seen to cause any problems.

Contact has been made with partner agencies to look at long term solutions to the issues.

Flamborough Road/ One Stop Shop

Police are currently working with other agencies and looking at a number of long term solutions to the reported problem. A number of recent incidents have highlighted serious concerns. A road traffic incident involving a vehicle hitting a pedestrian outside the One Stop Shop recently occurred. Police will be targeting this area where possible and issuing fixed penalty fines for motorists who continue to stop on the marked double yellow lines.

Does your area suffer from Anti Social Behaviour? Does the area you live in suffer from crime related issues? Have you told anybody?

The Police need to know what issues are causing concerns in your area. If you don’t tell us, we can’t help solve issues. Report incidents to Bridlington Police on 0845 60 60 222.

Up and coming events

Thursday June 16

PCSO Liam Whittington will be at Bridwatch on Quay Road to listen to your views. Call in and have a chat with him between 10.30am and noon.

Tuesday June 21.

PCSO Bev Ferin and Laura Lever, the council’s anti-social behaviour officer, will be at the Cop Shop in Bridge Street in the town centre between 12.30pm and 2.30pm to discuss any issues the public want to raise about town centre behaviour.

Tuesday June 28.

PCSOs Steve Johnston and Liam Whittington will be at The Expanse Hotel on North Marine Drive between 2pm and 3pm. Another opportunity to have a chat with your local officers about any concerns/questions you may have.

Tuesday June 28

Inspector Colin Waddington, head of Bridlington Neighbourhood Policing Team and PCSO Bev Fiern, together with local agencies will be at Bridlington Spa between 6pm and 7.30pm to meet with town centre business owners and supervisors to discuss the issue of shop theft and crime issues in the South Ward area.

South Ward- Top 3 types of crimes during the month of May.

1) Theft

2) Assault/Public Order offences

3) Criminal Damages

South Ward- Arrests and Detected Crimes in May

In total 97 people have been arrested during May for offences in Bridlington South Ward area which include persons arrested for offences listed above.

Police have been investigating a large number of crimes and incidents.

At the end of May, Police had detected 87 crimes in the South Ward area. The information relates to ALL AREAS of the South ward of Bridlington

Offenders brought to Justice

In May 87 people were arrested and brought to justice for offences in the South Ward. Some offences include 14 people charged with committing public order offences,

The same number were charged with shop theft,

Twelve with assault charges, ten with committing criminal damage and nine with drug related offences.

Policing Success

Police received a call to a possible burglary in progress in the Wellington Road area of the town. Response units were quick on the scene and were able to arrest a male suspect.

A second male in the property attempted to run from police but was caught and detained by a PCSO nearby. Both males were arrested and charged.

Crime Appeals

A vehicle parked along Victoria Road was damaged during the early hours of June 4 whilst parked near to Field House Surgery.

A fence panel has been damaged in the Burlington Gardens area. It happened during the evening or overnight on May 30.

A property on George Street was damage during the evening or overnight on May 31.

A silver shop rider mobility scooter with a clear plastic cover was stolen from an address on Burlington gardens overnight on June 8. It was last seen travelling along Gypsey Road at 1.10am on June 9.

If you have any information for any of these crimes please contact Bridlington Police on 0845 6060222.


Your local police work to resolve issues that are affecting your quality of life where you live. The Neighbourhood team regularly discuss problems in areas of the town and set target patrol zones for these identified areas. This is purely done from receiving complaints from members of the public living in affected areas.

If you witness or experience crime or anti social behaviour where you live, let your local police know so that action can be taken. If the police don’t know about problems, they can not resolve them. Report crime and Anti social behaviour on 0845 60 60 222