Getting knives off the streets of Bridlington

Bridlington Police Station.
Bridlington Police Station.

Bridlington Police Station is taking part in a national initiative to get the number of knives on our streets down.

As part of Operation Sceptre, which launched today, a sealed bin has been put in place at the station in Ashville Street and members of the public can hand in their knives without filling in a form or speaking to officers.

We are asking people to hand in knives and bladed weapons as part of Operation Sceptre, a national policing operation to tackle knife crime, starting this week.

DS Jo Roe, who is overseeing the initiative for Humberside Police, said: “Operation Sceptre is a national initiative aimed at reducing knife crime, providing education around the dangers and consequences and encouraging people to hand in knives and blades.

“We want to rid our streets of as many knives as possible, to keep our communities safe. We will have knife surrender bins located at a number of police stations, that are easily accessible and provide a safe and secure way for you to dispose of any knives or blades. No questions will be asked at the time of surrender, however the blades may be examined at a later date.

“The surrender is one of a number of tactics we employ to prevent knives falling into the wrong hands. It’s an initiative that you, the public, can help us with too. The message from us is that every knife handed in is one less that could be used to harm or threaten our communities.

“You can help us by participating, or by sharing details of the Operation Sceptre and the surrender, which we will be highlighting throughout the week and on our social media channels.”