Fighting back against the burglars

Counciler Chad Chadwick
Counciler Chad Chadwick
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The Bridlington and Driffield Area Community Partnership is working closely with Humberside Police to reduce house burglaries.

The partnership has purchased UV marker pens to help residents in Bridlington record their postcode and house number on valuable items to enable them to be tracked back to the owner.

Police have access to UV lights which show up postcodes when shone on a UV mark.

The partnership has also purchased a number of timer switches that can be used when residents go on holiday.

The pens and timer switches are available for residents, free of charge, at the Bridlington Cop Shop on Quay Road, Bridlington. They will be given out on a first-come first-served basis, one per household.

Inspector Grant Taylor said: “This partnership initiative has allowed us to provide residents of the Driffield community with a free UV pen and timer switch.

“The use of the pen and the timer switch could mean the difference between a resident losing their property forever and having it returned to them.”

Councillor Chad Chadwick, who is the chair of the Bridlington and Driffield Area Community Partnership, said: “The partnership is actively working to support the police in reducing the number of burglaries.”

Councillor Jackie Cracknell, cabinet portfolio holder for performance and community involvement at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: “The Bridlington and Driffield Community Partnership is one of six community partnerships set up in the East Riding to look at local issues which include community safety and provide a multi-agency approach to solving local problems.”