Fiend’s hoard of sick images

John Maw
John Maw

A self-confessed paedophile told police he had a huge library of more than 100,000 child images which he used so he did not physically abuse children.

Police raided John Maw’s Bridlington home to reveal a sick library of 140,000 images on his laptop computer.

Hull Crown Court

Hull Crown Court

Maw was convicted of indecently assaulting a six-year-old in 2002 and put on the sex offenders’ register but admitted he was still sexually attracted to girls as young as five.

In the latest raid, Maw was found with 2,285 category A pictures and 4,427 images in Category B. The police found 27,000 images fell in Category C. The court heard he had similar numbers of movie files in the differing category with 1,000 in the worst Category A. There were so many images police categorised just 90,000 of the 140,000.

Maw, 28, of Regent Terrace, Bridlington, appeared at Hull Crown Court for sentence (October 12) after pleading guilty to six charges of making or possessing indecent images and movies of children.

Fifteen-stone Maw appeared from Hull Prison dressed in a black polo shirt.

Crown barrister Stephen Welch said: “When he was interviewed by the police he made frank admissions. He said he had an interest in young girls between the age of five and 13, although admitted he had some images of children who were younger. He said he had the images as means of preventing him from carrying out his interest and committing offences on children.

“There were substantial amount of moving images, 3,000-4,000. The very high volume of images is an aggravating feature.

“The children were of a very young age.”

Defence barrister Steven Garth said Maw had pleaded guilty at the first opportunity. “There is recognition he has a problem and he does not run away from it,” said Mr Garth.

“Help really is only available if he is jailed for a longer period. There is some assistance available.”

Judge Jeremy Richardson, QC, ordered Maw to stand as he told him: “You have a perverted interest in sexual activity with very young girls.

“You, doubtless over the years, have accumulated thousands upon thousands of images. There were so many images, that in the time available the police have only been able to classify 90,000. “You had passion for an astonishing quantity of indecent material in relation to young girls. You were socially isolated and regularly accessed a computer.

“You acknowledge your sexual interest in young girls. It is utterly revolting. I am endeavouring to moderate my language. I have not the least intention of publicly repeating what I have read about the names on these files.

“You must be punished. This is not a victimless crime. There were innocent children who were abused in almost indescribable fashions in those images.

“Let us hope you can address your perverted desires while in prison.”

He jailed Maw for two years. He ordered him to sign on the National Sex Offenders’ Register for 10 years.