Festive drink driving numbers down

MORE than 4,000 motorists were breath tested by Humberside Poice over the festive period.

In C-Division, which covers Bridlington, 1594 breath tests were delivered as part of a casualty reduction campaign targeting drivers who may have got behind the wheel under the influence of drink or drugs.

Humberside Police took part in the nationwide campaign between November 1 2011, and January 1 2012.

Superintendent Darren Downs, head of the Roads Policing Unit for Humberside Police said: “The vast majority of motorists travelling on the roads throughout the Humberside Police area are to be congratulated for their considerate and responsible driving attitude and behaviour during the campaign period.

“However, for those few irresponsible and selfish individuals who decide not to heed all the warnings and continue to drink and drive, be warned that Humberside Police is looking out for you and there is a very high probability that you will be caught and dealt with by the criminal justice process.

“Not only will you face a heavy fine and a driving ban, but you may also have to face more serious consequences, such as a prison sentence or even losing your livelihood.

“People should remember that alcohol stays in the system for many hours after they stop drinking and following a night out they could still be over the limit the next morning when they get in their car to drive to work or drop the children off at school.”

During the campaign, party-goers were warned to think before they drove the morning after a big night out with the key message and focus being particularly aimed at drivers under the age of 25.

The Humberside initiative involved officers from the Humberside Police Roads Policing Unit stopping drivers at all times of the day and night.

5.4 per cent (239) either failed or refused to provide a breath test or being over the legal alcohol limit.

Force wide, of 1,032 drivers under the age of 25 who were breathalysed, five per cent (52) either failed or refused to provide a specimen of breath, or were found to be over the legal alcohol limit.

The number of drivers under 25 given a breath test in C-Division, which covers the East Riding and Bridlington, was 370. Of those, 16 failed or refused to provide a test, or were over the limit - just over 4 per cent.

Superintendent Downs continued: “This is an encouraging reduction in offending rates in the under 25s age group compared to results from similar, previous drink and drug driving campaigns throughout 2010 and 2011.

“Since the summer of 2010, offending rates in the under 25s have ranged from 5.2 percent to 10.8 per cent at its highest, in the summer of 2011, so the results this year make us hopeful that the Don’t Drink and Drive message is being heard by this group of drivers.”