Extra staff arrive to help fight on crime

Bridlington police
Bridlington police

Seven new members of staff have started work in Bridlington as the police step up the fight against crime.

Insp Rob Cocker told members of Bridlington Town Council that his team is now up to full strength.

Speaking at a meeting last Wednesday, he said: “Additional funding has been put in place to create an early intervention team, who are based at Hilderthorpe School.

“The scope of the team is to deal with individuals before they cause problems with crime, or to social services and in education.

“We want to see if we can improve their outcomes in life.

“We are also getting five additional PCSOs, two of whom are in place. One has transerred from Pocklington and one is a new recruit.

“We are fully up to strength now with another seven staff for Bridlington because they have chosen Bridlington South due to its issues with crime.

“We are the first place in the East Riding to get additional staff and hopefully it will be successful.

Insp Cocker also outlined the types of crimes which have been causing a problem in Bridlington in recent weeks.

He told councillors: “We had a peak of thefts of unattended motor vehicles around Christmas time.

”It isn’t uncommon. Despite all the advice we give, people still leave items on display. This has now gone down to normal levels.

“We have also had a few burglaries in the Queensgate area, but the biggest issue at the moment is domestic violence. Again that is not uncommon at this time of year.

“It goes up in Bridlington in the summer, drops down and then goes back up around the Christmas and New Year period, with people drinking more alcohol.

“We are still taking action against drugs and had five people in (custody) just the other day for supplying.”