Extra police recruited to target Bridlington’s top 10 rogues

Insp Grant Taylor, head of Bridlington police.
Insp Grant Taylor, head of Bridlington police.

A TOP 10 hit list of Bridlington’s most 
prolific criminals has been drawn up by 
police in the town – and six new officers have been recruited to target them.

The move comes as police chiefs have 
assured the public the future of Bridlington’s Police Station is secure, amid plans to cut opening hours at police stations in other parts of the East Riding.

The top 10 hit list features individuals who are known to repeatedly commit offences such as drug dealing, anti-social behaviour, violence, and theft.

Head of Bridlington Police, Insp Grant Taylor said: “These are individuals that we are looking at and targeting because we want local residents to feel safe and to live in a nice environment and to not have to put up with this.”

Officers have been carrying out raids and executing drugs warrants to keep up the pressure on the 10 repeat offenders who have been identified.

Over the past two weeks, three drugs warrants have been executed in the town, with drugs being found on each occasion.

It is a multi-agency initiative supported by the Crown Prosecution Service, local magistrates and Humberside Police Chief Inspector Alan Farrow.

Sgt Carl Sweeting, of the Bridlington Neighbourhood policing team, has overall responsibility for the initiative.

Police Constables Ben Robinson and Rob Brigham are responsible for the daily management of it, working alongside PCSOs Andrew Pudsey, Terrence Cundiff, Amanda Foster and Stephen Clayton.

Insp Taylor said: “I have been boosted with six additional staff at my request who are going to be there for the foreseeable future specifically to target prolific offenders in Bridlington.”

“We have targeted these 10 individuals and we are visiting them on an almost daily basis because we want them to change their offending behaviour.

“They are not going to be too excited that we are checking up on them, but it’s a case of simply change your life, don’t commit the crime and we will not have to deal with you,” he added.

And Insp Taylor has made it clear that the six new officers are an additional resource which bears no relation to the planned changes to existing resources at other police stations in the East Riding.

Humberside Police is currently conducting a spending review which could see opening hours at stations including Driffield, Pocklington and Hornsea slashed by up to half in a bid to save £150,000.

Assistant Chief Officer Phil Goatley said: “For some stations, particularly those in rural areas without custody facilities, there are proposals for reductions in the total number of hours for which front counters would be staffed.

“However there are none which would see a reduction in hours at any of our main police stations not any which ask the Chief Constable to consider closing a front counter in a police station currently open to the public.”

As Bridlington Police Station is classed as a “main police station” it will not be affected by the proposed changes, a fact re-iterated by Insp Taylor.

“As the local policing commander for Bridlington I can assure local residents they will see no change in the service that is delivered at Bridlington,” he said.