Drunk dad punched wall

Beverley Magistrates Court ps1005-19
Beverley Magistrates Court ps1005-19

A dad-of-three got drunk and punched a wall in frustration after he was prevented from seeing his children, a court heard.

Luke Rose, 27, of Ferndale Terrace, Bridlington, was arrested for being drunk and disorderly after he swore and shouted at police, East Yorkshire Magistrates’ heard.

Defending, Mike Farr said Rose’s ex-partner had kept making arrangements for him to see their three children, but then kept cancelling them at the last minute, leaving him “frustrated”.

He said Rose had been with her for eleven years and was having problems coming to terms with the break-up of the relationship.

In September this year Rose was given a conditional discharge for assault and criminal damage after he pushed her onto a settee and damaged a chair, the court heard.

Mr Farr said that prior to the latest offence, Rose hadn’t seen his children for a week and had again become frustrated, so went to the pub and drank “far too much.”

The court heard that Rose later turned up at his ex-partner’s house in drink and with blood on his shirt, and let himself in.

Prosecuting, Colette Dixon said the woman called the police, however Rose left before they arrived, and half-an-hour later turned up at the home of his sister-in-law, who also called the police.

She said: “The family confirmed that they didn’t want to make any complaint, but they didn’t want him at their address because they had children there and he was in drink.

“The defendant then started shouting and swearing at the police and despite being warned he carried on in a similar manner, so was arrested.”

The court heard that Rose is unemployed and has been diagnosed depression.

Mr Farr added that his sister-in-law had been concerned because he was punching a wall in frustration. He said: “Mr Rose woke up the following day having spent the night in the cells and regretted his foolishness.”

Chairman of the bench, Lesley Mole told Rose: “I think it would be best to do something formerly about these contact arrangements, especially if they’re going to create such frustration in you that you behave like this in public.”

Rose pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly and was fined £72 and told to pay £85 costs and a £20 victim surcharge.