Drug dealer escapes jail

Ian Aitkin
Ian Aitkin

A REPEAT drug offender was caught on the streets of Bridlington supplying to a 19-year-old girl who was texting to friends advertising she had cannabis to sell.

Drug user Ian Aitkin, 55, was spotted by police carrying out an inter-drug user exchange in Thorpe Street with Michaela Conn, 19, Hull Crown Court heard.

Aitkin, of Elm Street, Hull, had travelled to the town at the invitation of Conn, of Vernon Road, Bridlington, on February 11 2010.

He pleaded guilty to a charge of possession of 1.34 grams of cannabis resin with intent to supply and a separate charge of possession of 486 grams of herbal bush cannabis with intent to supply it to another.

Crown barrister Nicholas Adlington said Aitkin had £1,250 worth of cannabis bush, enough for 20-30 reefers a day, which police found in his car.

When police closed in on the street deal they found Conn had £205 she was going to use to buy the drugs.

Analysis of her text messages showed she had invited Aitkin and was telling others she had drugs for sale, the court was told last Tuesday.

Mr Adlington said Aitkin had 56 previous convictions, also that Conn had received an 18-month community order for her part in the deal as well as an affray.

The court heard most of Aitkin’s criminality was in the 70s and 80s, although he had regularly been caught possessing amphetamine and cannabis.

Defence barrister John Thackray said he had a letter from Aitkin’s 77-year-old mother who had suffered a stroke and needed her son as a carer.

Judge Jeremy Richardson, QC, told Aitkin: “Tempting though it is to send you to prison I accept your mother has had a stroke and there would be dire consequences for her.

He gave him an eight-month suspended prison sentence.