Drinker jailed for pub attack

VIOLENT drinker Darren Stawman has been jailed for throwing a table at a 70-year-old disabled man.

Stawman, 41, saw red when bar staff said he had drunk enough after being refused more alcohol in the Black Lion pub in High Street, Bridlington.

He left the bar, then returned, picking up the metal table and throwing it at Colin Hacker who has chronic heart disease.

Hull Crown Court was told that Mr Hacker uses three inhalers and drives a mobility scooter. He needed hospital treatment to repair a flap of skin left hanging after the attack. The table injured his knee and caused a 4cm-long cut to his arm,

Mr Hacker had been trying to act as a peacemaker explaining why Stawman was not going to be served.

He had gone to the pub on his scooter for a nightcap.

Stawman also injured a barmaid.

When police arrested him he also assaulted an officer, kicking out as he was put in a police station cell.

Crown barrister Jharna Jobes said Stawman had a record for assault, grievous bodily harm, criminal damage and violent disorder going back to 1991.

He pleaded guilty to three charges – affray, assaulting Pc Rammidge and causing actual bodily harm following his arrest around 9.50pm on August 29, 2010.

Defence barrister Charlotte Baines said a medical report showed Stawman, who grew up in foster care and went to a special school, had moderate learning difficulties.

His unhappy start in life was not a defence, but put into context his behaviour which was fuelled by alcohol,

“He had a strong work ethic when he left school,” said Miss Baines. “

He got himself into the bricklaying trade for five years but began getting into trouble with alcohol.

“There is a long history of alcohol abuse. It is obvious he has suffered from mental health difficulties in the past,” said Miss Baines.

Jailing Stawman, Judge Michael Mettyear said: “You have been before the courts many times over a long time period. You have been given so many chances, it is quite remarkable.

‘‘The time is now for the courts to come down and punish you for what you have done.

“There is no real prospect that you will survive in the community without more help.

“You drink too much and you get yourself involved in violent situations. You used a weapon to violently attack a 70-year-old man. You continued to behave badly injuring a barmaid. And at a police station you kicked out at a police officer who was only doing his duty.”

Stawman was sentenced to 14 months in prison.

He was warned by Judge Mettyear. “With your record you are going to get longer and longer sentences.

‘‘Stay off the drink.”