Drink-driver jailed for using car like a weapon

Hull Crown Court.
Hull Crown Court.

A DRINK-driver has been jailed for 12 months after using his car like a weapon – trying to mow down a police woman in Bridlington which turned into a helicopter pursuit.

Daniel Rutter, 23, drove a stolen Chevrolet Cruiser at a police officer while over the drink-drive limit.

He drove at speed, hit curbs, ignored a red light and at one stage turned his lights off as the Humberside Police helicopter chased him down from Bridlington to Burton Agnes.

Rutter, of St Martin’s Drive, Burton Agnes, appeared at Hull Crown Court for sentence on Monday after pleading guilty to aggravated vehicle taking, driving over the limit and driving with no licence or insurance.

Crown barrister James Byatt told the court police were called to what they thought was a stolen car in Great Barn Street, Bridlington, at 2.06am on June 23.

Two female police officers tried to block the road and one drew her asp before Rutter revved his engine and drove towards them.

His car was hit with the asp and the other police officer moved her car in fear she was about to be in a collision before Rutter sped off.

In Thoresby Avenue he extinguished his lights in the black car and made a dash for home.

Police attempts to stop him in Harewood Avenue failed and he ran a red light before driving at 40mph on Quay Road and 45mph on Marine Drive.

He was chased back along the A614 to Burton Agnes where his mothers partner Mark Taylor had reported the vehicle stolen.

At the time of the offence he was on early release from a three-year prison sentence for two assaults imposed in March 2011. He is not due for release until September 2013.

Defence barrister Paul Norton told the court: “On the day of this offence his girlfriend told him she was pregnant. She has since miscarried.

“Mr Rutter was at the time coping with the shock of having this new responsibility.

“His intention was to drive to Flamborough to think about his future. He accepted his driving was dangerous but did not wish to harm anyone.”

Jailing Rutter Judge Michael Mettyear said: “You have a miserable record of offences going back 10 years, for dishonesty, violence and public disorder.

“You were on licence at the time of this offence and have since been recalled.

“This was a bad offence of aggravated vehicle taking which involved you driving at a police officer. It is aggravated by your drinking, hitting curbs and going through a red light.

“As you know there is only one sentence and that is custody.”

He jailed Rutter for 12 months, banned him from driving for three years, gave him eight points on his licence and ordered him to take an extended test.