Dealer has smirk wiped off his face

Nathan Cunningham, of Bridlington, appears for sentence at Hull Crown Court
Nathan Cunningham, of Bridlington, appears for sentence at Hull Crown Court

A street drug dealer caught with £8,000 worth of cannabis at his flat in Bridlington has been jailed for 12 months.

Police seized 800 grams of cannabis worth £8,000 and £170 in cash from Nathan Cunngham’s flat in High Street, Bridlington, on May 6 in an effort to stop his dealing.

Six days later they returned to the same flat to he had restocked with £610 worth of cannabis and a wad of £245 in cash despite being on police bail.

Cunningham arrived at court laughing for his sentencing hearing, but swayed on his feet and shook his head as he realised after 27 offences he was finally going to prison.

Cunningham, 24, now of Burstall Walk, Bridlington, pleaded guilty to two charges of possession with intent to supply cannabis and one charge of possession of £300 of cocaine and appeared for sentence at Hull Crown Court (Monday August 24).

Principal crown advocate Philip Evans said the drugs found on May 6 were confiscated along with dealer scales , the cash and a mobile telephone with two messages which indicated the street-level supply of cannabis rather than other drugs.

He said Cunningham had 27 offences, most dealt with by the lower courts for offences as varied as possession of amphetamines in 2013 to aggravated vehicle taking in October 2014.

Defence barrister Richard Thompson said the rapid re-stocking of cannabis within six days showed someone else above him was able to provide the funds and underlined his position as a street dealer.

“He understands the likely hood of a custodial sentence,” said Mr Thompson.

Sentencing Judge Jeremy Richardson, QC, told Cunningham: “You have shown flagrant disregard for the law. Ordinarily I am prepared to look kindly on young people who fall into error. But six days later you are doing exactly the same thing. There was a mobile phone and scales and cash. This case plainly warrants a custodial sentence. You will go to prison for 12 months. I trust it will give you the opportunity to reflect on your wrong doing. Those individuals who indulge in this sort of street dealing, particularly when they resume after being arrested on bail, can expect to go straight to prison.”

Cunningham was jailed for a total of 12 months.