Crime on the rise in the East Riding

Crime has risen sharply in the East Riding
Crime has risen sharply in the East Riding

Crime was up by 13% across the East Riding in the 12 months to September, figures released today reveal.

Robberies doubled across the county and violent crime also shot up dramatically, as more than 14,500 offences were reported in the year.

The statistics showed that numbers had increased in almost all types of crime, with only drug offences showing a significant decline.

Humberside police and crime commissioner Keith Hunter said: “The latest ONS crime figures show a continuing rise in crime across the Humberside Police area, similar to all over the country.

“Whilst some of this is down to changes in recording practices there is still an underlying upward trend adding an additional burden on the police and, more importantly, more victims of crime.

“From my conversations with members of the public and councillors, the problems experienced in some parts of the Humber area suggest that trend is being felt in our communities.

“That is a real cause for concern and something I am very focussed on.”

Total recorded crimes in teh East Riding, September 2015 to September 2016: 14,692 (+13%)

Violence against the person 3,871 (+26%)

Sexual offences 504 (+21%)

Robbery 72 (+50%)

Theft offences 6,733 (+10%)

Burglary 2,219 (+12%)

Domestic burglary 666 (0%)

Non-domestic burglary 1,553 (+18%)

Vehicle offences 993 (-3%)

Theft from the person 93 (+35%)

Bicycle theft 395 (+27%)

Shoplifting 1,221 (+21%)

All other theft offences 1,812 (+6%)

Criminal damage & arson offences 2,306 (+5%)

Drug offences 289 (-21%)

Possession of weapons offences 51 (+2%)

Public order offences 568 (+17%)