Crime figures up ahead of police cuts

Bridlington police news
Bridlington police news

Possession of a weapon, sexual offences and robbery are among the crimes committed in Humberside which have seen a significant increase between June 2013 and June this year.

Overall crime in the area has seen a rise of two per cent, of which Humberside Police recorded a 23% increase for possession of a weapon, a 16% increase for sexual offences, a 20% increase for robbery and an increase of 9% for violent crime. It comes after Humberside Police announced drastic changes to the force in September, which will see 700 jobs cut as part of a plan to save £31million by 2019 including 200 officer posts, 500 civilian jobs and around 40 PCSOs.

A spokesperson for Humberside Police said: “Short-term spikes in certain crime types are reflected nationally and a huge amount of work is being done to tackle these issues.

“Particularly in the case of sexual offences, a general upturn can be explained by increased reporting due to greater trust and confidence in the police tackling these issues effectively.

“In terms of our future operating model, 18-months of intensive planning, based on a forensic examination of the demands placed on our organisation have informed the design of our new operating model.

“We are confident that these enhancements will preserve and even enhance the service we can offer to the public, enabling us to continue to make a real difference in our communities.”

Other crimes which saw a rise in the latest report include theft, burglary, vehicle theft and shoplifting.

However among the crimes that were down, were criminal damage and arson, as were drugs offences and public order offences.