Community order breached - COURT REPORT

A BRIDLINGTON woman has admitted failing to comply with the requirements of her community order.

Heidi Carter, 27, of Fort Terrace, was handed a 12-month community order by magistrates in Bridlington on June 16 last year after being charged with theft, false representation and possession of a class C drug.

Carter admitted at Bridlington Magistrates Court last week failing to keep probation appointments on December 29 and January 13.

This was her second breach of the order.

Carter told probation officers that she missed the appointment in December because she had had a huge row with her boyfriend and was too emotional to attend.

In January the appointment was missed after Carter had been to St James’s Hospital in Leeds to visit her three-year-old stepbrother who had swine flu and her train from Hull to Bridlington was delayed.

Despite the breaches, the court heard Carter had made positive progress with the community order, was attending a business studies course in Hull and hoped to go to Leeds University.

Magistrates ruled that the community order should continue, with a residence order for Carter to sleep at the address on Fort Terrace.