Cannabis in pocket - COURT REPORT

A COURT has ordered a Bridlington man to pay £130 after being found in possession of £17 worth of cannabis.

Thomas Ronald Christian Lewis, 27, of Stamford Walk, pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis, a controlled drug of class B, when he appeared before magistrates in Bridlington last Wednesday, January 12.

Prosecutor Sally Robinson told the court that at 12.30pm on December 22 Lewis was seen at an address “linked with the supply of cannabis”.

Miss Robinson said police officers saw Lewis appear to fiddle with the inside pocket of his coat and when stopped they found him in possession of a bag of cannabis.

In police interview Lewis admitted it was for his own personal use, was worth about £17 and he was aware it was an illegal substance.

In mitigation Caroline Wyatt told the court that Lewis and his partner of two and a half years had recently suffered a bereavement and were receiving counselling.

“He started cannabis smoking to try and take the pain away. He has realised that hasn’t been working,” Ms Wyatt added.

Lewis was fined £65, ordered to pay court costs of £50 and a £15 victim surcharge.