Bridlington woman fined for fly-tipping

Olinda Road fly-tipping
Olinda Road fly-tipping

A Bridlington woman has been fined for fly-tipping after she dumped waste including wood and black rubbish sacks in an alley behind her home.

Katy Fletcher, formerly of Olinda Road, admitted depositing controlled waste on land without authorisation or permission on or around 6 February this year, when she appeared before Bridlington Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday 12 May.

She was fined £30, and was ordered to pay £50 costs and a £20 victim surcharge.

Council officers visited the alley behind the house in Olinda Road on 6 February and found waste including seven black sacks, wood and a plastic box. Documents were recovered from the waste which related to the defendant and her property.

She had initially been offered a formal caution, but failed to attend appointments with the council, and failed attend a court hearing in April.

After the hearing Mike Featherby, the council’s head of streetscene services, said: “We provide a wide range of services for disposing of waste but leaving it lying in the streets is not one of them. There is no excuse for doing that.

“We are absolutely clear that where we find evidence we will prosecute those who fly-tip waste instead of disposing of it correctly.

“While this council will always remove fly-tipped waste out of consideration for nearby residents, we will not hesitate to prosecute where we can get evidence. In court we will also aim to recover the costs of removal.”

Fly-tipping can be reported to the council on (01482) 393939. Any information will be treated in the strictest confidence.