Bridlington manager accused of fraud

Katie Lee pleaded not guilty to charges  of fraud and theft from a Bridlington firm
Katie Lee pleaded not guilty to charges of fraud and theft from a Bridlington firm

An office manager accused of fraud and theft from a family-run Bridlington firm has appeared in court and elected a trial before a jury.

Katie Lee, 33, of Marlborough Terrace, Bridlington, pleaded not guilty to four charges of fraud, three charges of false accounting and one charge of theft when she appeared at Hull Crown Court (Monday August 24).

She is charged with fraud as a person employed as office manager for G&A Packaging Supplies Ltd by possessing money between March 24 2013 and 17 July 2014 which she should not have.

She is charged with three offences of false accounting by using a false invoice in the name of Venture Seafoods.

The alleged offences were for £99 on March 25 2013, for £521 on September 2013, and £348 on May 30 2014.

There are three further fraud charges which include an allegation of putting money into her personal bank account rather than the company bank account between August 2013 and July 2014.

There is a similar allegation of fraud to the value of £2,310 where money paid into the office account was re-routed into her own.

A further allegation of fraud relates to money refunded from a computer card. There is also a charge of theft from G&A Packaging Supplies Ltd on April 13 2014.

Lee, confirmed her name and left the talking to her barrister Richard Thompson during the 15-minute hearing.

He said she was pleading not guilty and wanted a trial.

Judge Jeremy Richardson, QC, ordered Lee to stand as he told her she should keep in touch with her solicitors.

Lee was granted bail to return for a trial at Hull Crown Court on October 5.